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The Body Dome is a complete work out system with an inflatable ball and three workout CDs which will guide you through how to lose weight from specific target areas on your body. It is particularly aimed at strengthening your muscles, improving muscle and enhancing flexibility. Furthermore, it is aimed to effectively make your muscles stronger, more agile and balanced. As the name suggests, the ball is dome shaped and the exercises are designed to work your muscles while you balance your body on the ball to tone your legs, arms and abdominals using cardio regimes. The Dome has been designed with a textured surface and a molded base that helps you stay balanced and in proper form and shape while exercising. This is important as many experts and trainers will attest to the fact that to achieve the desired results from your workout you need to maintain a good posture while you are exercising. The Dome comes with a Total Tone Workout Video and Cardio Dome Workout as well which will guide you through a ten minute workout targeted at your abs and cardiovascular fitness.

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The Body Dome system which is available on the internet for as little as sixty five dollars is an incorporation of the dome, a workout guide, a nutritional guide, specific videos such as the Total Tone Workout video, the Cardio Dome Workout and an air pump. The idea of this system is to strengthen and tone your muscles and make you more flexible. Areas targeted by the dome include the arms, legs, abdominals and abs and it also works to enhance your cardiovascular fitness. An attractive feature of this system is that the workout is not long and strenuous and can be effective even if you do it for only ten minutes. Furthermore, you can mix and match the moves to keep it interesting. Once you have purchased the dome you will simply need to inflate it using the air pump and use the supplement equipment to keep it stable while you exercise using it. A good idea is to start with the total tone workout. The DVD which you will get along with the dome will guide you through the moves that are aimed at giving all the muscles of your body a quick workout. After this you can work on targeted areas such as arms of legs. To tone the muscles of your arms you can use the provided strength cords that attach to the dome. Working with the body dome system for ten minutes a day and optimally thirty minutes a day will help you balance better, will enhance and improve the strength and tone of your muscles and keep you healthy.

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  • When you buy the system it includes everything you need to instantly get started.
  • Comes with three detailed and comprehensive workout videos.
  • The dome have a textured surface to prevent slipping
  • When deflated and folded it does not take much storage space
  • Also comes with strength cords, an air pump, a workout guide and a nutritional guide.


  • There is a weight limit to work with the dome; persons over two hundred and fifty pounds are not advised to use it.
  • The price for this varies greatly depending on where you buy it from so you must be careful while purchasing it.
  • There are much easier, and cheaper ways to improve cardiovascular fitness.


If you are ready to begin a serious workout regime to tone your muscles and shape up your target areas such as your legs, arms and abs, the dome is potentially a great idea. However, there are many other ways of increasing cardiovascular health that aren’t quite as ungainly.

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    We need to inflate the dome it’s gone a little soft. Can you show us how to inflate. Where do we inflate it from.
    Thank you


  • 2

    can I still get parts ie. ball plug and remover?