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Many people are continuing to try different diet methods. Some people are not only looking for a diet that will allow them to look better, but one that will also help to provide better overall health. The Brain Diet is a diet plan that focuses on all aspects of healthy eating and living. This book discusses the many healthy foods that should be included in an individual’s everyday diet so that the best results can be achieved. It also teaches readers which foods to avoid. With a truly nutritional approach to dieting, the Brain Diet is a new way to look at living healthier. Take a look at the following review, to better understand how this diet can be a helpful option to consider.

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This book is filled with important information regarding the use of healthy food and natural ingredients. It includes pertinent medical and science research to help backup the views that are outlined. Readers are able to learn about the foods that they’re eating and learn new ways to live a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. The Brain Diet also points out many of the foods that are unhealthy, so that readers are able to learn how to switch up their everyday routine so that better results can be achieved. With this book, it’s easier to understand how health can affect an individual’s entire body, including his or her brain.

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  • The book is easy-to-read and isn’t full of medical jargon that is hard to understand.
  • There are some helpful recipes included to make the process of eating healthier more simple.


  • There are no guaranteed results when following the advice outlined in the Brain Diet.
  • An individual may not notice a significant amount of weight loss, as the diet focuses on nutrition rather than exercise.
  • Exercise is a vital part of health and weight loss, that is not addressed in this book.
    Simply reading a book will not be enough to see real weight loss results.


For anyone who is looking to increase his or her overall health and feel better on an everyday basis, the Brain Diet is a great book to consider reading. It addresses the many foods that are consumed, and those that are often avoided, to help an individual learn how to better plan his or her diet. With helpful information, recipes, and medical research, readers are able to better understand what it takes to live a healthier and more comfortable life. The Brain Diet helps readers look at nutrition and health in a completely new way.

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