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The Brown Fat Revolution: Trigger Your Body’s Good Fat to Lose Weight and Be Healthier is a book written by James Lyon. He once served as a instructor at Yale, and was a plastic surgeon. The book details information about “brown fat” a type of fat in the body that actually works in the body to help it lose weight and be healthy. We will take a closer look at the program to determine if it is a viable way to lose weight.

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Brown fat is found in the body in high concentrations as a newborn. It is what keeps the body warm and helps regulate body temperature. As a person ages, yellow fat begins to replace the brown fat, which is what we consider to be “normal” fat. This is the unhealthy fat. The first portion of the book discusses the science of the brown fat, and how it works to keep us healthy. The book also discusses hormonal changes that occur as we age which impact the ratio between brown and yellow fat. The dietary guidelines say you should alternate between proteins and carbohydrates to help regulate metabolism and stop cravings. People following this diet should eat six smaller meals per day, and make sure to eat a meal before and after working out. The book also encourages the intake of healthy fat, because it will help you lose weight, rather than gain fat. The book does include a sample meal plan for you to follow for four weeks so you can start and stick to the diet with ease for a month. If you need to continue the plan longer, then you can also mix and match various parts of the plan to suite your tastes.

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  • This encourages a healthy diet.
  • This encourages a regular exercise program.
  • There are vegan and vegetarian options for this program to accommodate more people.


  • Some medical professionals say that brown fat replacing yellow fat will not produce any weight loss.
  • This program is similar to high protein and low carb diets.
  • This program does not encourage cardiovascular exercise.
  • This diet is targeted toward women who are 35 years or older; and may not appeal to others.


With the number of people who do not believe replacing yellow fat with brown fat will encourage weight loss, there is reason to be skeptical about this program. We do know that healthy fats will actually help you lose weight, but we also know cardiovascular exercise is important to burning fat and weight loss. We recommend you follow this diet cautiously with the use of a dietary supplement that contains a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant to help speed the diet and weight loss along.

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