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The Candida Diet aims to restore the healthy balance of bacteria in your stomach. Candidiasis is a condition where Candida, an important bacteria for digestions, becomes overpopulated and causes a variety of health and digestive issues. One of the main symptoms of systemic Candidiasis is chronic fungal infections such as yeast infections and athlete’s foot. While Candida is slowly being recognized as a culprit of many common illnesses and conditions, the actual cause of an overpopulation has not been determined or completely agreed upon. The Candida Diet aims to first cleanse your system of toxins, eliminate all Candida in your system and then slowly repopulate your system with a proper, healthy amount of the bacteria.


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The Candida Diet involves three stages: the Detox, wherein toxins are cleanses from your digestive system; the Elimination, wherein Candida is purged from your body; and the Repopulation, wherein the Candida is returned to your digestive track in proper quantities. The Detox takes three weeks. It is the toughest stage to get through and requires the most drastic changes in your eating habits. Dieters are encouraged to stop taking any antibiotics and some birth controls if at all possible. Other things that have been linked to Candidiasis that you will need to abandon if at all possible include smoking and high stress levels. For the first week of the Candida Diet, dieters engage in a colon cleanse. Then, for the next two weeks, consumption of nuts, chocolate, fruit, alcohol, caffeine and other things is limited or completely eliminated. Dieters are also encouraged to take vitamin C tablets to help ward off any effects of the Candida die off that is in process. In stage two, dieters spend four weeks taking antifungal supplements and reincorporating some of the previously banned foods into their diet. Fruits are the first foods allowed and dieters are also instructed to drink lots of water. Some dieters use antifungal concoctions they make at home mixing such things as aloe and oregano oil while others buy over the counter antifungal products. Most dieters experience Candida die off symptoms during this second stage as well. During the third period, the repopulation, dieters start taking probiotics to maintain their digestive health. Dieters are also encouraged to figure out a long term eating plan that will help them keep their Candida in check. Another practice important during the third stage, which has no time span indicated because it is meant to be ongoing, is to determine which foods you may be sensitive to. With a recently cleansed system, your body will be more reactive to allergies you may have. After all three stages are complete, your body will be thoroughly cleansed and the levels of Candida in your digestive track will have been returned to a healthy balance.

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  • The Candida Diet is purported by many in the field of natural medicine, not just one person or company
  • This diet doesn’t require you to buy one specific product
  • This diet is meant to improve overall health, from digestive health to improved energy levels


  • The Candida Diet will have the most positive effects on people with Candidiasis
  • The first two steps of this diet take nearly two months to complete
  • This diet requires drastic changes in your eating habits


While this diet will have the most noticeable effects on those with Candidiasis, the nearly two month program does follow many widely accepted diet suggestions. This is a good diet for those struggling with Candidiasis or unexplained digestive problems and chronic fungal infections. It’s also a good, long term cleanse for people seeking a way to make their digestive track a clean slate.

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    Mona Berry

    any suggestion for an alternative to artificial sweeteners for candida patient


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    please i need more information on candida diet


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    Are avocados and tomatoes “safe” for a candida diet?


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    marisol Acevedo

    Please I need your help to learn more about Candida diet in spanish


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    catherine Bradley

    will this diet help my son who is a sufferer of ITP?, if so how will it help him? why will it help him? thank you for your help in advance