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The Chewing Diet is not a real or safe diet. This fad diet was created by Horace Fletcher. Fletcher lost 40 pounds by chewing foods until liquefied in the mouth and spitting out the liquid. Chewing food allows the dieter to taste all the flavors they love without consuming 100-percent of the calories. Some calories are absorbed in the mouth, thus dieters will not starve by not swallowing food, but some vitamin and nutrients must be digested for absorption so the Chewing Diet could lead to vitamin deficiency and decreased health. The Chewing Diet is closely associated with anorexia and bulimia.

List of Ingredients

Chewing food for taste then spitting it out.

Product Features

Dieters on the Chewing Diet can sit in front of a Big Mac and large French fries and never worry about the impact of the diet on weight. The dieter takes bites of the meal, just like any other person and chews 25 to 80 times. When the food is liquefied in the mouth, the dieter spits out the food and takes another bite. All foods are open for enjoyment, but there are some serious health concerns associated with the Chewing Diet.

Fat soluble vitamins require fat to absorb in the body. Most of the vitamin absorption comes during digestion, which means the dieter following the Chewing Diet will not absorb these vitamins as well as a dieter who swallows the food. While some calories are consumed, the dieter does not consume food so bowel movements tend to slow and often turn into loose, liquid movements instead of solid bowel movements that detox the body.

Exercise is not required on the Chewing Diet and is likely not a good idea anyway. The dieter will be absorbing so few calories, the energy levels will plummet. The dieter may soon find they are tired all the time and unable to perform normal daily tasks like driving and walking.

There is no official website or cost associated with the Chewing Diet. This fad diet is not healthy and should not be used for weight loss.

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  • The dieter learns to chew food thoroughly.


  • Food is not swallowed, so vitamins and nutrients cannot be readily absorbed.
  • Reduced energy leads to extreme fatigue.
  • No exercise plan associated with the diet.


The Chewing Diet started with Horace Fletcher, known as the Great Masticator. It stuck around for a number of years before hitting the Internet as a fad diet sensation. Dieters chew food but never swallow, leading to vitamin and calorie deficiency. At no time should a dieter choose the Chewing Diet over a healthy, reduced calorie plan with daily exercise.

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