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The China Study is a book that focuses on the results and findings of a medical and health study conducted in China and Taiwan. This study helps to show the importance or proper diet and further explains how poor diet and nutritional care can result in medical problems and sickness. This book is a great way for readers to learn about the importance of nutrition and to learn how nutrition has shaped individuals over time. While the information can be shocking, it can help readers realize the importance of good health. Take a look at the following review, to better understand how the China Study can be a great read for anyone looking to learn more about improving his or her health.

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The China Study helps to show everyday readers how their current diet may be affecting their overall health. The book explains in great deal how costly a poor diet can be to an individual’s future. Unlike many other diet books, this one uses real data to help showcase the points that are made. Much of the information is not common knowledge, and can allow many readers to have an eye-opening experience in regards to their health. The book also discusses nutrition plans that can be followed in order to get better results. The nutrition plans are designed to help readers stay healthy and avoid medical problems throughout their lifetime. This book is beneficial because it talks about many of the issues that most other diet books avoid.

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  • The China Study uses real data to help explain and discuss the points that are made so that readers have a better understanding.
  • The book is not difficult to read or understand.
  • The China Study offers meal plans to help readers begin to live a healthier lifestyle.


  • There is a lot of information to learn and take in, which can make it challenging to read quickly.
  • The book has more research than it does plans and guidelines.
  • Simply reading a book won’t help you lose weight.
  • There are no recipes in this book.
  • Conclusion

    If you are tired of the way you are feeling or the poor health that you are in, it’s time to change up your diet and live a completely different lifestyle. With the China Study, you can learn how to choose the right nutrients and foods so that you’re able to feel better and avoid health problems. The book helps to teach by not only sharing real data, but also offering nutrition plans and guidelines so that readers are able to begin making changes right away. If you want to begin to live a healthier life, take a look at the China Study. You will have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise and consider a weight loss supplement, as reading the book alone will not help.

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