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The Coconut Diet is based on the concept that fatty foods are not inherently bad. By looking at the health and low obesity rates of cultures and societies who regularly eat coconuts, which are high in saturated fat, this diet claims the trick to weight loss isn’t avoiding fats all together, but avoid the bad fats. By incorporating coconut oil into your diet, the Coconut Diet promises to help you lose weight, increase your metabolism and thyroid health, give you more energy, control yeast infections and improve your digestive and cholesterol health. The diet doesn’t require calorie counting and the only foods it strictly shuns are those with bad fats, particularly transfats. The couple behind the diet is Marianita Jader Shilhavy, a Certified Nutritionist/Dietician and the daughter of a Filipino coconut farmer, and Brian W. Shilhavy. Together, they wrote “Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives, and how it can change yours!” and have been spreading the news about their diet for nearly a decade.


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The Coconut Diet is as simple as incorporating more coconut products – oil, milk, etc – into your regular diet and avoiding transfats. It is a lifestyle diet, meaning it requires you to bring more coconut oil and other products into your life and isn’t a onetime miracle fix to dropping ten pounds. There are many ways to use coconut oil in your daily diet because it can be used both as substitute for common baking ingredients like butter and also as a flavoring. It can also be used in salad dressings, stir fries, and smoothies. One of the biggest selling points of “Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives, and how it can change yours!” is the amount and quality of recipes included in the text.

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  • The Coconut Diet doesn’t promise to be a miracle cure or make other unbelievable claims
  • The Shilhavys are not the only ones promoting coconut oil for overall health which increases the credibility of the diet
  • The Coconut Diet doesn’t require drastic changes to your eating habits


  • The Coconut Diet will improve overall health but won’t necessarily help you lose weight fast
  • The Coconut Diet doesn’t provide much structure for dieters
  • The Shilhavys are first and foremost selling a product required for their diet which decreases their credibility


The Coconut Diet is based on concepts that are widely accepted within health food communities. The health benefits of coconut oil, milk and other products is well known but its helpfulness in losing weight hasn’t been proven. The Coconut Diet probably won’t help you drop pounds fast, but it will help you improve your overall health.

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    donna shaw

    can it be used by person w/hyperthyroid? (High level)