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“The Complete Book of Food Counts” by Corrine T. Netzer is a comprehensive guide that many dieters consider indispensible. Published by Random House, the first edition came out in 1988 and the eight in 2009. It has become a classic among dieters and nutritionist alike. Many doctors and dieticians recommend this book to patients who need a resource to help them either lose weight or stick to a health related diet. The main aspects of the book that have made it so popular among both health professionals and the general public is the sheer number of foods listed, the easy to use format, and the reliability of the information inside. Netzer has written dozens of books as well as her many editions of “The Complete Book of Food Counts.”


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“The Complete Book of Food Counts” is organized alphabetically and list all sorts of food – from fast food restaurants to cooking from scratch to high cuisine. In the eighth edition, “A” foods take up 18 pages alone! The nutritional content – calories, proteins carbs, fats, cholesterol, sodium, and fiber – of each dish is listed. The primary focus of “The Complete Book of Food Counts” is to provide nutritional information and to that end very little if any information regarding healthy eating or weight loss is included in the various editions of this book.

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  • “The Complete Book of Food Counts” is resource applicable to any diet or healthy eating plan
  • Medical professionals regularly recommend this book
  • This book has been one of the most popular books of its kind since it was first published in 1988


  • “The Complete Book of Food Counts” is not a diet and won’t provide a structured program for weight loss
  • This book is a resource alone and does not provide tips, tricks or motivation for weight loss or healthy eating
  • Similar resources are available online in an easier to use format


Part of the struggle of trying a new diet is learning what foods are and are not acceptable. This alone can be an intimidating learning curve. “The Complete Book of Food Counts” is a classic and has been recommended by health care professionals so if you need a resource to understand the nutritional content of your food, this book won’t let you down.

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    Virginia Miller

    Does The Complete Book of Food Counts include glycemic index values


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    Virginia Miller

    Does this book include glycemic index values?