The Cooler Cleanse Review

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The Cooler Cleanse includes prepackaged cleansing drinks and a handy cooler. Raw foods are allowed on the diet, which is 100% vegan. The Cooler Cleanse runs for three to five days. The dieter is prompted to order the Raw Food Cleanse three days before the Cooler Cleanse and three days after the Cooler Cleanse to make the cleanse easier to follow. Food, in the traditional form, is not allowed while following the cleanse. In place of food, the dieter consumed six prepackaged shakes per day. The shakes are numbered and should be consumed in order.

List of Ingredients

Raw food shakes and meal for cleansing and weight loss.

Product Features

For the sake of this review, we will cover the 3-day Cooler Cleanse. Three days before the Cooler Cleanse is to begin, the dieter orders a Raw Food Diet from the same company. The diet costs $72 per day. After the Raw Food Diet, the dieter spends three days drinking prepackaged cleansing drinks from the Cooler Cleanse. The price per day for the drinks is $58. Finally, the dieter resorts back to the Raw Food Diet for three days, another $72 per day. Total cost for the Cooler Cleanse is $606 for nine days. After the nine days, the dieter chooses what foods to eat, but may want to stick with a vegan or vegetarian diet for a while to ease the body back into normal, healthy eating.

Not only is the cost of the Cooler Cleanse outrageous, it prevents the dieter from eating real food. The total calories consumed on any portion of the plan, Raw Food and Cooler Cleanse is between 1,100 and 1,200. This is ideal for weight loss, but the dieter will soon find they want to chew and swallow food instead of drinking meals.

The first drink on the Cooler Cleanse is consumed for breakfast with another drink every two hours. Assuming the dieter drinks breakfast at 6:00 AM, the six drinks included on each day of the Cooler Cleanse will last until 4:00 PM. By 6:00 PM, the dieter will likely be starving and there will be no Cooler Cleanse drinks left for the day.

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  • Complete nutrition in a bottle.
  • Supports healthy, lean protein.
  • Provides enough calories and vitamins to sustain life.
  • Will promote weight loss.


  • No food is consumed during the Cooler Cleanse.
  • Costs much more than any other diet.
  • Dieters will be hungry in the evening.


The Cooler Cleanse will provide more than enough calories and vitamins for the dieter to survive, but dieting is about more than surviving. With the last meal at 4:00 PM, the dieter will be starving by bed time and that could lead to binge eating.

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