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The Couple’s Diet isn’t one diet in particular but any diet carried out by or specifically designed for a pair of dieters. encouraged by several sources. Despite its name, the Couple’s Diet is not just for married or dating partners, but for any two people who want to support each other as they diet. The benefit of dieting together is the camaraderie that can ease the strain of eating restrictions. If someone else is doing your diet with you, you can not only share food and recipes tips, but also check in and even complain to each other. Another huge benefit of dieting together is you can be accountable to each other. It’s easy to talk yourself out of eating right or getting your exercise, but when you know you’ll have to tell someone about it, you’ll be more motivated to stick to it.


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The Couple’s Diet can be any diet at all. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your overall health or change your eating habits for a specific health condition, as long as you have someone who is working towards the same goals you can do the Couple’s Diet. The most important aspect of dieting with another person is to feel you can trust your partner not only to support you but also to be open and honest with you about how their dieting is going. Discuss your dieting plans ahead of time so you know you’re both on the same page and have the same goals. Many couples who are dieting together include exercising together as part of the process of reaching their goals together. The companionship and motivation of someone else coming with you to the gym or going our jogging with you will help you stick to your diet and exercise routine. Similarly, even for partners who don’t live together, cooking together can be a way to actually enjoy your diet since you’ll be spending quality time together and rewarding yourself with good food.

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  • The Couple’s Diet gives you an immediate support system to keep your motivated
  • This diet usually incorporates a shared workout regimen as well
  • You can share your struggles with your dieting partner because they are going through the same thing!


  • The Couple’s Diet requires you to have someone you can diet with
  • This diet requires that your partner is on the same diet as you


Dieting with another person can be a fun, bonding experience regardless of the diet you choose. If you make sure you plan you have a communicative relationship with your dieting partner and have clearly laid out the goals you both intend to reach, the Couple’s Diet will work great for you.

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