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The Cucumber Diet is a meager, weeklong diet based on the healthy and digestive powers of the lowly cucumber. Long used for makeovers and home spa treatments, cucumbers are well known for their positive impact on the complexion. Cucumbers are also known as a diuretic, stimulating and cleaning out the bowels and digestive track as a whole. Cucumbers also draw excess water out of the body which can build up especially if you eat a high sodium diet. The Cucumber Diet is not specifically recommended by a certain organization or dietician, but is popular particularly among dieters who are trying to cleanse their systems. Some people with acne or other complexion issues do this diet for a week to help clear up their skin.


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The main staple of the Cucumber Diet is a simple cucumber salad made with mayonnaise or sour cream and flavored with low sodium, all natural seasoning like parsley, basil and dill. It is recommended that dieters eat this and only this salad three times a day, starting at noon and ending in the evening around 8. A small amount of fruits – bananas, oranges, and pears in particular – are also allowed. Some dieters supplement this stringent diet with bread, allowing themselves less than six ounces daily, or about one slice per meal. Others allow themselves tea or coffee with sugar. All together, an average day on the Cucumber Diet racks up only 900 calories.

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  • It’s cheap
  • The food is simple to make and most people already have it on hand
  • The diet doesn’t involve any special products or supplements


  • This is a short term diet that helps cleanse your system but won’t necessarily promote long term health
  • The amount of calories in this diet are not enough to sustain a healthy body long term
  • Dieters rarely feel full or satisfied on this diet


While the Cucumber Diet claims to use the digestive properties of cucumbers to help you lose weight, the number of calories suggest this is basically a controlled fast. While fasting and cleansing can be beneficial to the overall health and functioning of your body, it needs to be done carefully so as to not make yourself unhealthy. Fruit and cucumbers are healthy foods to diet on, but the health benefits of choosing fatty mayonnaise as the main calories in your diet is doubtful. This diet has no medical backup and its popularity is based almost entirely on word of mouth. If you are looking for a cleanse, fast or extreme diet, there are healthier ones out there than this Cucumber Diet.

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