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The Culprit and The Cure diet is gained popularity through Steven Aldana’s book “The Culprit and The Cure: Why lifestyle is the culprit behind America’s poor health.” In this popular book, Aldana proposes the standard healthy eating and exercise habits as the best way to lose weight and become healthier, but addresses the fact that most people know what they should do and simply don’t do it. In short, The Culprit is the American sedentary, processed food lifestyle, and The Cure is more exercise and healthy eating. Instead of just saying that you “should” be eating better and exercising more, Aldana explains why these practices will make you feel better and lays out a six week program that he promises will produce results. Steven Aldana is a speaker, author of six books and dozens of scientific papers and has been featured on mainstream news channels and magazines. He received his degree from Brigham Young University. His history in research and science add credibility to his work.


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The thing that draws people to the The Culprit and The Cure diet is Aldana’s simple approach, laying out facts from a variety of credible sources and compressing it down into an easy to understand program for healthy eating. “The Culprit and The Cure” has been especially useful for people new to the concept of healthy eating because it starts at square one. One of Albana’s main claims is that healthy eating can directly affect lifespan and whether or not you will develop serious disease such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Albana’s writing style makes reading and learning easy, and his sense of humor lightens up the information heavy text.

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  • The Culprit and The Cure diet doesn’t promise any unbelievable results, just lays out how to live a healthier life
  • Aldana’s books have received rave reviews from readers and critics alike
  • Step by step resource for those new to healthy eating


  • The Culprit and The Cure diet doesn’t promise to help you drop pounds fast
  • This is a long-term diet that may require drastic changes in your eating habits
  • This diet doesn’t come with a lot of structure; you will have to motivate yourself to stick to it


The Culprit and The Cure diet uses widely accepted information about healthy eating and effective exercise to lay out an eating regimen for those new to healthy eating. This is a good diet for people new to healthy eating and seeking basic guidance. This diet won’t make you lost weight overnight, but it will improve your overall health and help you reach your optimum weight.

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