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The Dakota Diet is a book that follows a program designed to closely resemble how the Plains Indians lived before the land was settled. There was very little obesity, and the omega rich diets lead to increased longevity. The book by Dr. Kevin Weiland focuses on eating the same types of foods so you can enjoy this rich diet and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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Unlike many diet books on the market, the Dakota Diet actually encourages eating meat. The biggest difference being that you have to learn to choose your meats differently. Instead of getting the same kinds of meat you normally purchase, the book teaches you to look for wild game such as buffalo and bison that is free range and free of antibiotics and steroids. When the animals are allowed to graze naturally on plain grasses they end up being leaner and have higher levels of healthy omegas.

On top of teaching you how to pick the best cuts of meat, the book also goes in to great explanations as to why some should be avoided. You’ll learn why animals raised on grain, given antibiotics and steroids are less than desirable.

The book not only teaches you how to choose the right meats, it also has many recipes you can use. This allows you to cook healthy meals for your entire family.

While the focus tends to be on meat, there is also plenty of information on eating lean vegetables and fruits. Again, the focus tends to be on vegetables and fruits that are grown naturally without the help of pesticides or other growth inducing additives.

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  • The Dakota Diet book has an easy to follow format. You can quickly jump to the pages you need.
  • The explanations are clear cut, and offer information on different studies that author cites for his reasoning.
  • The book also explains the differences in cooking wild game versus others, making it easy to cook these meats at home.


  • The biggest disadvantage is the controversy behind this diet plan. Yes, most experts agree that adding omega rich food to your diet is healthy. However, the methods in which this book suggests may not be the best. You’ll have to research and decide for yourself.
  • Wild game is much more expensive. Eating wild game even just a few times a week can quickly cause your budget to skyrocket.
  • There aren’t many recipes in the book. The recipes that are included tend to require a lot of time and preparation, not to mention they may not be family friendly. (Try to see if your kids will eat curried lentil soup and you’ll understand.)
  • There are less expensive ways to get omega rich foods in your diet.


This may not be a bad diet program to try. If you’re interested in living a healthier lifestyle and have the money, this is actually a pretty good plan. If you’re looking at losing weight and doing it on a budget, you may be better off using a cheaper fat burning supplement and just taking some of the ideas from the Dakota Diet.

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