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You have your choice of many books these days that can potentially assist you with taking better care of your overall health. One of these texts is called “The Decision Tree.” This book is claimed to help readers take more control over their health by using simple technology and new-age gadgets. It can be found on the official website, as well as through sites like

Just so you know, The Decision Tree does not appear to be focused on weight loss or getting slim. It has more to do with personalized medicine, modern devices for disease detection, and understanding your DNA. The author, Goetz, comes from a family of health care workers. In this text, he is basically trying to better educate people as to what is available to aid with good health. Therefore the primary goal of this book is to help men and women better understand their bodies and genetic make-ups, as well as how to detect health problems.

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The Decision Tree is a text that is geared toward both women and men. What makes this book unique is that it better enables readers to take control of their health. It is centered on modern personalized medicine, as well as the part technology plays in keeping people healthy. The Decision Tree was written by one Thomas Goetz, who is also the executive editor of a magazine called “Wired.” This book is pitched as a new strategy for basic health care. By reading it, you are supposed to become better in-tuned with your genomics, and how your DNA has an impact on your overall health/wellness. Goetz explains how science and cutting-edge technology can aid people with staying healthy. More specifically this book talks about how simple gadgets can assist you with detecting health afflictions like diabetes and cancer early on. The Decision Tree is 320 pages in length, and sells for $17 to $26 online.

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  • This book may better educate people on cancer prevention.
  • The Decision Tree helps readers better understand their genetic makeup and how it can have an impact on their health.


  • Some readers may not like how this text is focus on gadgets and DNA testing.
  • Not all reviews for The Decision Tree are very supportive.
  • This book is not specifically for weight reduction.
  • The author of this text is not a licensed physician or scientist.


While there are certainly many books out there focused on weight reduction and getting the physique of your dreams, “The Decision Tree” is not one of them. So if you are seeking out a dieting text or manual to aid with fat reduction, this book is probably not right for you. On the other hand, if you need a book that can help you with overall health and detecting health problems early on, then The Decision Tree may be what you are looking for.

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