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The Denim Diet is a book written by fashion stylist Kami Gray. The official website leaves much to be desired. There is a main page and several blog posts about fashion and personal style, but the book is hardly mentioned. According to the book description, the dieter simply has to follow 16 habits to fit in to their best pair of jeans. There are three main tips to focus on to survive any situation and continuing slimming down – Avoid Temptation, Eat Before Meals and Stay on Your Exercise Track.

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Tips for weight loss by Kami Gray, stylist.

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Step one is to avoid temptation. This is the same step used in every diet on the market. Temptation is what drives dieters to overeat or eat foods they are not supposed to consume. Often, giving in to temptation leads to overeating and weight gain, so Kami is offering nothing new here for dieters to learn. The Denim Diet suggests reading nutritional labels and eliminating foods with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and sugar. So, cut out the sugar and throw out unhealthy foods – check.

Step two is to eat before meals or going out to restaurants and parties. For ages women have been told to carry small, healthy snacks when heading out to parties. Eating before a party (or restaurant meal) fills the stomach so the dieter will not eat as much. Dinner parties and restaurants are nearly impossible to control. So, eat before eating – check.

Step three is to keeping moving with regular exercise. Exercise is a common addition to any weight loss plan. Not only does it promote a healthy metabolism, it tightens muscles and improves sleep. Kami Gray suggests finding an indoor track to use regularly and keep track of progress and daily workouts on a blog or website. Exercise and keep an exercise journal – check.

If the remaining 13 tips for weight loss are as general as the three main points of the Denim Diet, it is a waste of money. Kami Gray spits out advice commonly known to dieters. For dieters having trouble avoiding temptation due to emotional eating, step one is useless. If the dieter forgets to pack an apple or healthy snack bar, step two is useless. If the dieter is too overweight or tired to exercise, step three is useless.

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  • Simple tips for fitting into a dream pair of jeans.


  • Tips are just regurgitated diet tips found everywhere.
  • The official website is complicated with little reference to the Denim Diet.


Dieters can sit down and list 16 things they know will cause weight loss. If they publish these 16 tips, they could call it the Denim Diet II. Knowing the right choices is simple, but living with those choices every day is hard.

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