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The Detox Diet is a diet that is meant for cleansing your body of toxins and assisting you in getting rid of those pounds of wastes that may be in your digestive tract, thus eliminating pounds of waste via this diet. In this review we will go over the information that is available to us so that we may determine if this product is actually intended for weight loss.


Although this is not an actual product so there aren’t any real ingredients, then we will simply list the foods that we believe that this diet is comprised of. Some of these foods may include water, fruits, vegetables, and seafood. There are believed to be more of these foods, but these are the only ones that were made obvious at the time of this review.

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Usually, the main reason that someone will consider going on a detox diet is to cleanse their bodies of what is considered by some to be unhealthy substances such as caffeine, alcohol, several types of processed foods, premade foods, salt, sugar, red meat, fried foods, and there are believed to be even more.

There are a couple of things that deserve to be pointed out about this particular detoxifying diet. The first one is that you are still allowed to eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Most detoxification diets suggest that you may only drink water or certain types of specified juices for the duration of the detoxification process. Another big plus is that you can also eat shellfish and other types of fish while on this Detox Diet. This approach is virtually unheard of in the fasting and detoxification diet world. So, being that you are actually able to eat during this diet, you may not actually feel the extreme hunger pangs that are usually unavoidable during detoxification.

The word detox appears to be an abbreviation for the word detoxification. Detoxification, in this context, is thought to be defined as the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body.

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  • There have been reports that suggests that after completing this program that you may obtain clearer and healthier skin.
  • You may have more energy upon the completion of this detoxification process.
  • Your digestive system may show some improvement if once this diet had reached it’s end.
  • You can still eat raw fruits and vegetables, so there may not be such terrible hunger pangs that are associated with most detoxification diets.
  • You are allowed to eat shellfish and fish.


  • This diet is not intended for people with diabetes.
  • Not meant for people that have an allergic reaction to shellfish.
  • Headaches may occur for the duration of this process.


Although this particular detoxification diet may appear to be less harsh than most of the other ones that are out there, and it definitely has other advantages as well, we do have to not that although this is not intended for long term use. If you need something that is more for long term use then you may want to consider eating a healthy diet with reasonable caloric intake with the aid of a proven weight loss supplement.

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