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The Diet Solution is a website based diet plan that reads like an e-program. There is mention of a video that will help a dieter lose 10 pounds from the information provided, but no link is provided unless the dieter signs up for the program. An eBook on dieting called 7 Day E Course is also mentioned. The brief description for the 7 Day program sounds like a low carb program with high fat choices to boost weight loss. Basically, this program may be a reiteration of the Atkins program with a few changes.

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7 Day E Course for permanent weight loss.

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When reviewing a product for dieters we like to see how much information we can pull from the main website, just as a dieter could. The Diet Solution offers little information about the plan directly, but wording leads us to believe this is a low carb plan. The diet description mentions choosing the right fats, how much protein is needed to lose weight, what carbs are right and wrong, and so on. These facts are very similar to fad low carb diets like Atkins. While Atkins has been proven to work for weight loss, the program is too strict for most dieters.

Under the recipe section of the website, there are higher carbohydrate and lower carbohydrate recipes. This makes it evident that the plan is not low carbohydrate, but it could be based on glycemic load. Glycemic load allows dieters to eat a wider range of foods and still keep blood sugar levels under control. Again, this is just a guess as details about the Diet Solution Plan are vague.

Grains seem to be a no-no of sorts on the Diet Solution Plan. The creator, Isabel De Los Rios, claims many people have trouble losing weight while eating grains of any kind. In the next blog post, she talks about eating tons of whole eggs every week. Here we are again thinking this plan is a low carbohydrate solution. By now, the dieter will be so confused, they will sign up just to find out what type of diet this actually is.

The Diet Solution Plan retails for $47. The plan is 100% online and in digital format, so the dieter will gain access to a backend or hidden section of the website and also receive an eBook about dieting for permanent weight loss.

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  • Grains tend to be high in calories and can be detrimental to weight loss.
  • Foods allowed on the plan are listed when a dieter purchases access.


  • There is no mention of what type of diet plan this is.
  • The $47 cost is high because dieters cannot see detailed information before paying.


The Diet Solution Plan is more confusing than it needs to be. By publishing an example menu for one day dieters can see what types of foods they are allowed to eat and what types they are not. There is no mention of water intake, supplement intake or caloric intake. We are confused by the Diet Solution Plan and we believe the average dieter would also be confused.

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