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The Digest Diet is a new diet and book written by Liz Vaccariello, who serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Reader’s Digest Magazine. She is also known for her work as co-author of the Flat Belly Diet and the 400 Calorie Fix. Known as one the best health and wellness journalists in this country, in this book she tells us how to shift our bodies into fat releasing mode, to really jump start our weight loss journey.

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The Digest Diet claims you can lose up to 26 pounds in 21 days, the safe and healthy way. This program was tested with a panel of 12 men and women, who lost a total of 151 pounds and 84 inches in just three weeks. The program shows you 22 ways to release the fat. You will get a list of 16 different seasonings and spices that can help promote fat loss. You will get a list of the five best fruits for fiber, which can help promote fullness and weight loss. You will get a variety of recipes that will allow you to continue to eat the foods you love, while promoting weight loss. You will learn how to burn 700 additional calories per day without exercise, as well as three foods that can help melt away belly fat. This is a three phase plan, where each phases lasts a week. This is the fast release phase, where everything you eat will be packed with nutrition. Some foods you may eat include: Mexican Chicken Soup and Chocolate Shakes. Phase two is Fade Away, which is designed to keep the weight and fat loss moving by filling you up with healthy fats, lean protein, and vegetables. You will also be able to enjoy wine with dinner. Sample foods include: Flank Steak, Turkey and Cheddar Cheese Roll Ups, and Mexicilious Omelets. The final phase is the Finish Strong phase, where you get a balance of protein, carbs, and fats, so you can get a lifetime of healthy to keep the weight loss off over the long term.

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  • The Digest Diet includes a 12 minute exercise routine.
  • This is backed by a test panel.


  • The Digest Diet can produce rapid weight loss, which makes it easier to rebound.
  • It may be hard for people who are always busy to stick to this program, since the majority of meals will need to be prepared at home.
  • We get no detail about what the exercise is.
  • This book is not currently available from and appears that you have to order with installment payments.
  • This book is met with mixed reviews.


The Digest Diet could be a quick fix, but we do not really see how the weight could stay off over the long term. With just 50 recipes and a 3 week long meal plan, it could get boring quick, unless you learn how to develop your own meal plans and recipes that fit within the dietary guidelines.

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