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The Donut Diet is not your normal restrictive diet with a clever name; it is exactly what it sounds like. On the Donut Diet, you must eat nothing but donuts. These are not low-carb or sugar free donuts, either. Any donut is acceptable, but everything other than donuts is ruled out. While the phrase “donut diet” is sometimes used to refer to taking a break from dieting for a week, the actual Donut Diet is meant to help dieters lose weight fast. The thinking behind this absurd diet is that although diets are high in calories, it is unlikely you will eat enough to make up what you usually consume on regular food. With donuts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, you will probably ultimately be cutting down on calories.


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While the Donut Diet seems like a diet based on extreme eating, it is actually just the opposite. It is a very restrictive diet – only donuts; all day, everyday – and, when effective, does in fact cut down on the amount of calories. The concern with this diet is that you will absolutely not be getting the basic nutrients you need. Most dieters will experience indigestion because of the lack of fiber in this diet. Dieters also will likely feel sugar rushes that quickly plummet down into crashes from lack of real food and too much sugar.

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  • Donuts!
  • The Donut Diet is not hard to stick to
  • It has an easy to understand eating regimen


  • The Donut Diet necessitates drastic changes in your eating habits
  • This diet has a complete lack of nutrients
  • Physically uncomfortable symptoms from lack of food and too much sugar


This diet may be able to help you drop pounds fast, but it isn’t a healthy long term diet. The amount of sugar and unhealthy fats ingested daily on this diet makes it unhealthy for short term use as well. Restrictive short term diets to drop pounds fast are, in general, less healthy than long term diets that incorporate exercise and healthy eating, but the Donut Diet is a particularly unhealthy diet. If you are looking to drop weight quickly, speak to a doctor or dietician to develop a healthy, effective plan.

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    This diet will give you dietbetes. Take it from an anorexic, I would eat one donut a day for dinner (approx. 300 calories) perfect, right ? Wrong ! I began to develope diabetes from only intaking sugar. It goes away when you eat your normal vegetables and not junk food. Just a tip of advice for those idiots



    You got “dietbetes” from eating one donut? First of all learn to spell diabetes second that is absurd. Ok. Thank You. Bye.