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The Dorm Room Diet is a diet plan written by Daphne Oz, daughter of the famous Dr. Oz. She wrote the program for college students who want to avoid gaining the “Freshman 15″ or the 15 pounds most people gain their first year of college. She teaches people how to eat healthy and avoid bad habits such as staying up all night studying or going to parties. She wrote the book because she gained weight as a teenager, and then lost it during her first year of college with the techniques she writes about.

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The Dorm Room Diet is not an actual diet in terms of meal plans, recipes and suggestions, but instead is a lifestyle changing guide with eight steps to help you learn how you can change your lifestyle so you can lose your weight. The eight steps are: “Get Inspired. Get Informed. Get Started. Get a Grip. Get Prepared. Get Moving. Get Your Vitamins. Get Recharged.” The rules: Never skip breakfast. Drink a glass of water before meals, and make sure your total ounces equals half your body weight. Eat every three hours, making sure to have three meals and two snacks. Don’t eat within two hours of bedtime. If you crave something unhealthy, count all the way to your age before you give in. Keep healthy snacks around for study sessions.

There are food suggestions to help you eat what you want and gives you plenty of room for treats. By opting for reduced fat dairy, cutting out soda, reducing sugar, and choosing semi-sweet chocolate chips over milk chocolate, you can cut calories and avoid weight gain while still having the things you love. If you want something sweet during the night, drink some fruit juice with sparkling water so you get the sweet treat with bubbles that will fill you up and take away the hunger pangs.

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  • This program is developed by a female who experienced weight loss during college in spite of all the stresses.
  • This program increases awareness of emotional triggers to help people learn how to deal with them.
  • This program provides a variety of good food recommendations and teaches healthy eating.


  • This program may not appeal to people who are not college students.
  • This program may be hard to stick to for people with the typical limited college budget.


The Dorm Room Diet is ideal because it helps college students learn how to deal with the obstacles of life that can get in the way of healthy and weight maintenance. This is good for overall eating and health advice, but for those not in college may not offer any practical help.

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