The Eat Clean Diet For Men Review

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The Eat-Clean Diet for Men focuses on eliminating “dirty” foods and replaces those with “clean” foods. The book contains 11 chapters, recipes and complete menu plans. Recipes are “man-friendly” though we have no idea what makes a recipe more manly than feminine. The official website offers sneak previews of the Dirtiest and Cleanest foods a man can eat. and Walmart are two major retailers selling the Eat-Clean Diet for Men. The average price is about $12.

List of Ingredients

Clean eating plan designed just for men.

Product Features

The package known as the Eat-Clean Diet for Men is very well done. A visitor to the official website would think the book is professionally written with new, exciting information just for men. After opening the book, the pages inside may not live up to the expectation.

Clean foods fall into four categories – Lean Protein, Complex Carbohydrates from Vegetables and Fruits, Whole Grains and Healthy Fats. On the opposite end of the spectrum are dirty foods like saturated fats, processed foods, chemicals, flavorings and refined carbohydrates.

Anyone who has been dieting for a short time will generally know these two food groups as being the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Nearly every proven diet will offer the same advice as the Eat-Clean Diet for Men – eat the clean foods and leave the dirt foods behind.

Moving on to the recipe section, the authors have replaced common ingredients with healthier choices like yogurt for mayonnaise, whole grain bread for white bread and egg whites for whole eggs. There are recipes for “manly” favorites like ketchup and relish.

The back cover of the book offers a few interesting facts about the book. According to the cover, the Eat-Clean Diet for Men is simply the Eat-Clean Diet. There are tips in the book for muscle growth, improved sex life and longevity. Both authors are just that – authors – they have no formal training in nutrition according to the book bios.

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  • Explains how to leave behind processed foods.
  • Includes low sugar recipes for weight loss.
  • Clearly lists bad foods and good foods.
  • Costs less than most diet books.


  • The Eat-Clean Diet for Men is not just for men.
  • The authors are not trained in nutrition.
  • Recipes simply replace common ingredients with obscure ingredients.


The Eat-Clean Diet for Men is a regurgitation of the same old song and dance. Eat this – not this and you will lose weight. If it were that easy to lose weight the world would be a healthier place. The clean and dirty list is simple, but it is also available from most other diet authors selling diet solutions in book form and on the Internet.

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