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Do you know your blood type? According to Dr. D’Adamo, a person’s blood type can offer insight into the perfect diet for weight loss. Dr. D’Adamo explains the link between blood type and weight loss in the Eat Right for Your Type diet book. Blood type creates individuality on a genetic scale. If the dieter recognizes that individuality, they can create a personalized diet plan and lose weight, even if they have had no luck with previous diet plans. The official website explains brief portions of the Blood Type Diet and offers a complete bio of the author. Dr. D’Adamo is also the author of the Genotype Diet.

List of Ingredients

Diet based on blood type.

Product Features

There are four diet plans included on the Eat Right for Your Type Diet – O, A, B and AB. The diet plans are based on the blood type of the dieter.

Type O people need to workout often with greater intensity. Eating grains and high carbohydrate diets may cause weight gain, so dieters need to stick with proteins and avoid gluten-rich foods.

Type A people are better off eating vegetables and pure foods (organic). The immune system tends to be sensitive causing a predisposition to heart disease and other problems related to obesity.

Type B people are strong and tend to fare well with moderate exercise. The description of the type B dieters does not reveal what types of foods are best suited for weight loss.

Type AB people should follow a combination of the Type A and Type B diet, as they are a combination of the two blood types.

The Eat Right for Your Type diet book explains each of the diets in detail. Dieters gain access to approved food lists and suggestions on the best exercises to use for weight loss and improved health. According to Dr. D’Adamo, eating based on blood type is about more than weight loss, it is about improved health and longevity.

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  • Promotes healthy, low calorie eating without counting calories.
  • Suggests exercise for weight loss.
  • Focuses on overall health, not just slimming the waist line.


  • Very little information on the official website.
  • May not be backed with clinical evidence.


The Eat Right for Your Type Diet claims dieters can lose weight and gain better health by eating foods ideal for their blood type. This theory is not clinically tested, as far as we could find, but dieters report losing weight on the plan and feeling better after only a few weeks. There are dieters on both side of the fence. Some love the plan and others believe it to be just another fad diet.

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