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The Eco Atkins Diet is a vegetarian or vegan version of the classic low carb diet for weight loss. When the Atkins diet became popular, people flocked to the grocery store and bought up pounds of meat, butter and mayonnaise. These three ingredients are the cornerstone of Atkins. The strict vegan will not consume meat, butter or mayonnaise, so how does the vegan eat an Atkins-friendly diet for weight loss and stick with the vegan way of eating? The Eco Atkins diet is the solution. Dieters starting on the Eco Atkins diet should know that weight loss will not be as swift. Dieters start with around 130 grams of carbohydrates instead of the normal 20 on the Induction phase. Dieters may also have to reduce caloric intake to lose weight.

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Vegetarian / vegan friendly Atkins diet.

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If a dieter chooses to eliminate meat and meat byproducts from the diet, Atkins is out of the question. That is, unless they choose to follow the altered form known as the Eco Atkins diet. On Eco Atkins, dieters consume 31-percent of total calories from protein, 43-percent of total calories from fat and 26-percent of total calories from carbohydrates.

According to the Atkins official website, the Eco Atkins diet was tested against a reduced fat, lacto-vegetarian diet. The vegetarian diet was higher in carbohydrates and lower in protein and fat. After one month, the vegetarian and Eco Atkins groups lost weight. This was expected because both were placed on reduced calorie diet plans. However, the Eco Atkins group improved blood cholesterol profiles much better than the vegetarian dieters.

There is no official book from the Atkins group on the Eco Atkins diet, but dieters can read about the plan on the Atkins diet. Basically, there are no forbidden foods as long as the dieter keeps near the percentage totals from the study group. Bread, rice and white foods like sugar and flour are not allowed on the Eco Atkins diet.

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  • Healthy vegetarian version of Atkins.
  • Dieters can eat more carbohydrates and lose weight.
  • Clinical study supports weight loss claims.


  • The Eco Atkins diet may require calorie counting.
  • Dieters will lose weight more slowly on the Eco Atkins diet.


The Eco Atkins diet is a healthy weight loss diet for vegetarians and vegans. The plan is proven to increase weight loss, but the effect may take a bit longer than the classic Atkins diet. The body will not go into ketosis and burn fat for fuel on the Eco Atkins Diet, but the dieter will gain health benefits like reduced bad cholesterol. There is no induction phase and dieters start out with about 130 grams of carbohydrates per day.

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