The Embarrassingly Easy Diet Review

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The Embarrassingly Easy Diet is not really a diet at all. The author, Cameron Pazirandeh, focuses his diet plan on the mind and feelings. The dieter can eat anything they like, according to the information we found online, which leave open the chance to overeat or make bad diet choices. If the dieter wants cheesecake for breakfast, the heart knows what’s right so cheesecake it will be. The trouble with many dieters is healthy food selection. The Embarrassingly Easy Diet may leave the dieter happy, but it will not leave the dieter lighter.

List of Ingredients

Diet plan based on personal feeling about food.

Product Features

When the dieter wakes up in the morning, the mind will lead the way on the Embarrassingly Easy Diet. There are no forbidden food lists or calories to count. The dieter does not have to take supplements to reduce hunger or exercise for three to four hours a day to burn calories. Life on the Embarrassingly Easy Diet is just that – easy, but that does not mean the diet will cause weight loss.

We found very few details about the Embarrassingly Easy Diet. The author must be contacted for a personal consultation if the dieter wants to know more about the plan. There is no official website, that we could find, but there are references to a website. The author holds speaking engagements and personalized consultations, which could be very expensive.

Despite the lack of clear cut eating plan, the author supports reduced calorie eating. According to one description, the dieter is supposed to eat a few bites of their favorite food and then walk away. This can be very difficult for a dieter used to overeating on a regular basis.

There is no set price for the Embarrassingly Easy Diet. The dieter must contact the author for an appointment or attend a public speaking event.

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  • Dieters get to eat all the foods they love.
  • Exercise is supported on the plan.


  • No set guidelines make it easy to cheat.
  • Dieters with an unhealthy relationship with food may never lose weight.
  • The dieter is supposed to follow their gut feeling about food.
  • The author requires a personal consultation for detailed information on the plan.


If a dieter wants a new eating plan that allows any food in any portion size and does not force exercise, the Embarrassingly Easy Diet is the ideal solution, but weight loss will not be a benefit. Weight loss requires a healthy eating plan, exercise and, for some, a dedicated focus on how the plan will change in the future. The author does not offer any concrete information unless the dieter contacts him for a personal consultation.

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