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John Davenport used to overeat, binge eat and eat in the middle of the night. He gained more than 43 pounds giving in to his emotional eating habits, so he decided to change his life. After overcoming his addiction to food, Davenport wrote the Emotional Eating Solution to provide “step-by-step” instructions on how to lose weight if addicted to food. The official website reads like an affiliate marketing website. There is a quiz to help the dieter decide whether or not they suffer from emotional eating. The quiz is biased as there are two main answers “always” and “never.” There is no answer for the in between.

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Step-by-step guide to weight loss for food addicts.

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As soon as something goes wrong, you are in the kitchen eating something you know you shouldn’t have. Feeding emotional turmoil may help the pain go away right now, but the long term effects on the body are hazardous. Emotional eaters eat because they are happy, sad, stressed, fearful and depressed. There is a new reason to eat every time another emotional turn happens. The Emotional Eating Solution is the answer, according to John Davenport, author and self-proclaimed emotional eater.

The information on the official website is horrible. There are no links leading off the main page. The dieter must read through tens of thousands of words to find out any information on the eating plan. Somewhere near the end of the page, there is a reference to a 21 day trial of the Emotional Eating Solution. We assume the $4.95 trial fee gives the dieter access to all eating plans and diet information. If the trial is not cancelled, but sending an email to the website, the dieter is charged another $39.95. There is no additional information given to the dieter who pays full price and the dieter does not receive the $4.95 trial fee back when cancelling.

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  • Promotes healthy eating for weight loss.


  • No information on the actual diet.
  • The trial fee is not refunded when the order is cancelled.
  • Not all dieters are emotionally connected with food.
  • Testimonials do not include before and after photos.
  • All of the information is listed in one, long document.


Emotional eating is a problem for many dieters. Breaking the emotional connection with food is the first step in healing. John Davenport claims to have the answer to breaking the habit, but that answer is obscurely referenced on the official website. Dieters need to pay a $4.95 fee to learn more about the diet and then pay an additional $39.95 to keep the information. The website is difficult to follow and the website gives no information on how the dieter will lose weight.

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