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The Engine 2 Diet has an interesting background. Author Rip Esselstyn, tri-athlete and professional fire fighter, learned that a fellow fire fighter was suffering from high cholesterol that could be life threatening. Esselstyn chose to turn around the entire Engine 2 fire house by changing meals to a plant-based diet. The plant-based diet was originally followed by Esselstyn when training for triathlons. His father, a chief surgeon, had taught him the power and healthy benefits of plants.

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Plant-based diet for weight loss and improved health named for the Engine 2 fire house.

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What do fire fighters do when one of their own is in danger? They gather together and make changes to help the fire fighter. At the Engine 2 fire house, eating a plant-based diet was the answer to soaring cholesterol numbers for a fellow fire fighter. As a result of the changes, the fire fighter in danger reduced his cholesterol numbers from 344 to 196 and the rest of the fire house lost weight and improved their health.

Rip Esselstyn later partnered with Whole Foods Markets and created the Engine 2 28-Day Challenge. Former President Bill Clinton changed his diet to a plant-based regime based on research behind the Engine 2 Diet.

The testimonials on the official Engine 2 Diet report weight loss and cholesterol numbers, but there are no before and after photos. Some of the dieters did not test cholesterol before starting the diet, so the new numbers, though within healthy range, are not a reason to trust the Engine 2 Diet. The FAQs section offers a bit more information about the diet, which is strictly vegetarian. We are not sure if the diet pushes the limits and qualifies as veganism.

The Engine 2 Diet book sells on for $12. There are lots of reviews for the book and most are extremely positive.

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  • The Engine 2 Diet supports healthy vegetarian eating.
  • Supportive reviews from athletes, doctors and stars.
  • The book is priced comparably to other diet books.
  • Based on scientific research and clinical study.
  • Available in Kindle edition.


  • Not all dieters enjoy eating plant-based diets.
  • No before and after photos on the testimonials.


In a time of need, the author of The Engine 2 Diet decided to step up and change the way men in his fire house look at food. As a result, Whole Foods Markets partnered with the author and the Engine 2 Diet craze was born. The dieter may be interested in reading information on plant-based eating to reduce cholesterol and lose weight. Exercise is supported on the plan. The book offers tips for exercise.

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