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What if you could diet one day and then eat what ever you wanted the next? Well, this is how The Every Other Day Diet plan works. Unlike many other weight reduction programs, this one emphasizes that dieters can eat healthy for every other day, and still shed unwanted body fat. Of course on the dieting days, it is encouraged to eat low-calorie foods, fiber-rich meals, and plenty of produce, such as fruits and vegetables. Lean forms of protein should also be consumed.

As far as the cheat days go with The Every Other Day Diet, you are allowed to eat all the foods you enjoy. However, the catch is that you must stay within certain guidelines that the program recommends. In other words, you cannot literally eat anything. While the standard package for this plan sells for $49, the Deluxe Package sells for $99.

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The Every Other Day Diet is marketed as a method that combines science and do-ability. Both women and men are supposed to experience amazing weight reduction results with this diet plan. This program was devised by Janis Hauser and Jon Benson. To put it simply, The Every Other Day Diet is about eating what you want every other day. This way you are both eating healthy and satisfying cravings as well. You are just alternating the days you do each one. Author Jon Benson also wrote the book “Fit Over 40.” Anyway, in regards to The Every Other Day Diet, users must adhere to three basic rules with this plan. These are as follows; it is imperative to be dedicated to the diet, you have to exercise in some way, and you must be reasonable in regards to the non-diet food you consume every other day. Over time, with this method, users should be able to boost their metabolisms, burn off unwanted fat, and improve their overall health.

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  • The Every Other Day Diet does encourage exercise.
  • This weight loss plan is for both men and women.


  • Some dieters may not be able to eat sensibly on the days they are aloud to cheat, which could lead to binge eating.
  • There are no supplements that suppress appetite.
  • The official website is unprofessional in the sense that it drags on and on.
  • There are no clinical results provided to support The Every Other Day Diet.


The Every Other Day Diet differs from many other weight loss plans on the market today. Naturally some dieters will appreciate the notion of eating whatever they want every other day. However, it is important to keep in mind that this does not mean any amount of any food. Furthermore, there is no clinical research to support the claimed effectiveness of The Every Other Day Diet.

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