The Fast Track Detox Diet Review

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Detox is a word that has become synonymous with weight loss. To remove toxins from the body often requires laxatives, diuretics and an extreme eating plan. Some diet gurus support detox diets before assuming some weight loss plans. Others support detox diets AS the diet plan. The Fast Track Detox Diet is written by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. It consists of 11 days and no maintenance plan.

The official website for Dr.Gittleman includes information on the Fast Track Detox Diet. There are no supplements used on the plan, but the dieter must purchase ingredients to make a Miracle Juice.

List of Ingredients

Cleansing foods and fasting for weight loss.

Product Features

The first seven days on the Fast Track Detox Diet is spent eating healthy, cleansing foods. The dieter slowly adds these foods into a normal diet to prepare the body for the one-day fast. After seven days of preparation, known as the prequel, the dieter drinks a Miracle Juice. The ingredients in the Miracle Juice are included to fight hunger, boost metabolism and cleanse the body. After the one-day fast, the dieter starts adding in healthy foods. This is the entire weight loss plan. The author claims no maintenance plan is needed because the toxins that caused the body to store fat are gone after the fasting day. The dieter will keep losing weight.

The diet consists of eating very low calorie during the seven-day prequel. Foods must be organic and the dieter must give up caffeine, alcohol and other luxuries. There is a huge push for supplements, marketed by the author. The supplements include Colonix, a laxative. Much of the plan centers on teaching the dieter about the harms foods and food products common in western diets cause. Some buyers report feeling scared to eat much of anything after reading the book.

Weight loss is likely water loss. There are multiple reports of weight being regained soon after the one-day fast.

The Fast Track Detox Diet sells for $10 on

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  • Supports healthy, organic vegetables.
  • May cause weight loss.
  • Lasts only 11 days.


  • Dieters report regaining the weight quickly.
  • The seven days before the one day fast contain too few calories.
  • Many negative reviews.
  • Marketed as a one-day detox.
  • Supports using laxatives.


There are toxins in the world and all humans consume them from the air, soil and foods they come in contact with. The author of the Fast Track Detox Diet forces the dieter to look around them at everyday items that may be “toxic.” The eating plan borders on starvation and the fast does nothing but cause water loss. This is not a long-term solution for healthy weight loss.

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