The Fast Track One-Day Diet Review

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The Fast Track One-Day Diet is an eleven day program to drop pounds fast. Because the first half of the diet incorporates digestive track cleansing, this diet is also said to promote energy and overall health. The basis of the Fast Track One-Day Diet eating regimen is eliminating all fatty foods from your diet. The most incredible claims associated with this diet say that dieters could lose eight pounds in one day. The book associated with this diet was written by Dr Ann Louise Gittleman and is titled “The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost Metabolism, Get Rid of Fattening Toxins, Safely Lose Up to 8 Pounds Overnight and Keep Them Off for Good.” Gittleman has also written 30 other diet and weight loss books.


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The Fast Track One-Day Diet starts with seven days of pre-diet cleansing, one day of fasting, and then three follow up days. No sugar, refined carbs, gluten, grains, alcohol or caffeine are allowed on this diet. The first week is spent eating only fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and lean meat. Olive or flaxseed oil are taken as daily supplements during this first section of the diet to make sure you are getting your healthy fats. The one day fast that follows the first week allows only a drink called Miracle Juice. This juice is made at home by combining orange, cranberry and lemon juices with ground ginger, cinnamon and the zero calorie sweetener Stevia. After your one day fast, the last three days of this diet reverts back to fruits, vegetables and lean meats but adds probiotic foods like yogurt and sauerkraut to the menu.

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  • The Fast Track One-Day Diet promises that you will drop pounds fast
  • For the most part, the foods encouraged on this diet are widely considered healthy
  • Fasting is universally considered a good cleansing practice


  • The Fast Track One-Day Diet is a short-term diet that won’t help you change your long-term eating habits
  • Some studies show that Stevia, used in the Miracle Juice, can cause health problems
  • Results for this diet vary greatly


The Fast Track One-Day Diet has been a solution for some dieters trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, just as many diets have not had satisfactorily results. While the foods used in this diet are mostly healthy, the structure they are placed in may or may not do as much good as simply incorporating those foods into your current every day diet. Similarly, Miracle Juice is made of healthy ingredients and would probably be as useful eaten any day as it would be as part of this diet.

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