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The Fasting Diet is a way to cleanse the digestive system to promote health and better functioning. Steven Bailey’s 2002 book of the same name explains how going for short periods of time without food can not only improve your overall health but can also aid emotional and mental clarity and improve your energy levels. Some of the positive health effects noted in the book are lower blood pressure, better cholesterol levels, improved digestive functioning and weight loss. Without proper guidance, fasting can actually do more harm than good for your body, so Bailey’s book aims to lay out a healthy fasting plan for anyone interested in cleansing. Bailey is a writer and a lecturer. He runs his own naturopathic practice in Portland, Oregon, and is considered an expert in the field of fasting. He claims to have personally fasted at least once a year for the past 35 years.


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Bailey advocates a 5 Day Power Fast that includes reduced food consumption before and after to ease yourself into the fast. For a week or two before you begin fasting, the Fasting Diet requires you to decrease the amount of food you eat. In particular, it suggests a decrease in coffee, meat and carb consumption to help shrink your stomach and prepare your body for the fast. During the five day fast, you are allowed select juices to maintain your blood sugar levels and give you energy. After the fast, solid foods are introduced back into your diet so as not to stress your body. Bailey outlines which foods are best for the pre-fast diet and which are best for easing off the fast. He also writes about more general health topics related to the toxins that fasting aims to cleanse.

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  • The Fasting Diet
  • This diet promotes overall health
  • Fasts are widely accepted as a healthy way to cleanse your system
  • Bailey is a legitimate naturopathic doctor with his own practice and many credentials


  • The Fasting Diet can be physically strenuous and put too much stress on already weak bodies
  • This diet won’t necessarily help you lost weight
  • Fasting is not for everyone; going without food is harder on some than it is on others


The Fasting Diet is a specific system of doing a practice of cleansing that has been done for centuries for physical and mental/emotional/spiritual health. For people interested in fasting but unsure of where to start, Bailey’s book and this diet are a good first step. Fasting can be unhealthy and stressful for your body if done wrong so, if you’re trying it for the first time, this is a good place to start.

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    What is the BEST way to lose 30 lbs in 2 months?


    Dora Cunningham

    Is the book the only way I can get instructions on how to do the fasting diet?