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The Fat Fallacy is the topic of a book by the same name written by Dr Will Clower. France, Clower writes, has an obesity rate of under 10% while nearly half of Americans are obese. Clower points out the eating differences between the two countries: the French eat food that is high in fat, but they eat very little processed foods. The Fat Fallacy diet asks dieters to take a closer look at their eating habits and opt for higher quality foods, not necessarily foods that have fewer calories or less fat. Clower recommends continuing to eat regular yogurt, cheese, milk , ice cream and so on, claiming it’s over processed ingredients such as hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup that cause weight gain, not fat.


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Clower claims that the French not only eat less processed food than Americans, they also eat their food slower and with more relish. The Fat Fallacy diet encourages dieters to eat three full meals everyday and to take the time to sit down and enjoy the food being eaten. Putting down your fork between bites, including a glass of wine in your meals, and taking the time to fully chew each mouthful are all tips Clower recommends. Another aspect of French eating Clower recommends to American dieters is embracing the fats present in dairy and avoiding fats from meat. The Fat Fallacy diet doesn’t include any calorie counting, just a reeducation about food, ingredients and eating. While it may seem counterintuitive to experienced dieters to not consciously cut down on the amount of food you eat, Clower notes that by eating slower and taking the time to enjoy your food, you will most likely end up eating less food after all.

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  • The Fat Fallacy diet is a lifestyle diet: no need to buy products, diet-specific supplements, etc.
  • Well known facts about American and French eating habits support Clower’s claims
  • There is no calorie counting and foods like chocolate and coffee are encouraged


  • Eating according to the Fat Fallacy diet requires taking more time each day for meals
  • Eating out for cheap is hard on the Fat Fallacy diet because so much of American food is highly processed
  • The Fat Fallacy diet can be expensive because unprocessed health food often costs more than processed foods


The Fat Fallacy is based on the well known facts that less processed foods and exercise are good for you, so if you who know some about nutrition you’re probably better off saving money by not buying Clower’s book. Do a little research online about the Fat Fallacy’s guidelines and then work on changing your lifestyle to include high quality foods, complete meals, and more exercise.

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