The Fat Loss Troubleshoot Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is a weight loss and fitness program designed to help you lose weight, get fit and never hit one of those defeating plateaus again. There are two sides to the program – male and female. We looked at both programs and could find no differences between the two. The girl’s side is identical to the boy’s side. We assume the two sides are used to track male and female purchases.

There is a lot of information on the Fat Loss Troubleshoot website and you will get quite bored reading through one marketing passage after another. There is nothing of substance on the main page other than the reiteration of one idea – fat loss is not an optional process. There is one path no matter what program you follow.

List of Ingredients


  • Virtual fitness and diet program for fat loss.

Product Features

Behind the Fat Loss Troubleshoot is a 150-page eBook that reveals the secrets of fat loss. You also receive an eBook training program, audio version of the book and access to iPod or online workout moves described in the training program. If you want access to, the website for the program author, you have to pay a recurring membership fee of about $10 a month. The Fat Loss Troubleshoot retails for $39. If you order the recurring program with access to the trainer’s website you can cancel at any time. You must contact Leigh Peele through the official website to cancel your payment plan. If you want to join the website without purchasing the eBook for $39 simply visit the Leigh Peele website and join there for the $10 monthly fee.

When looking for detailed information about the Fat Loss Troubleshoot we were let down – drastically. There is no information on the diet or exercise program. We have no idea how long the program lasts or if certain foods are eliminated from the diet. There is one picture of a fitness move that looks like a pull-up, but no other information on the fitness side of the program.

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  • There is an official website for the Fat Loss Troubleshoot and the trainer.
  • The program may help you lose weight and get fit.


  • The reader is left with a ton of questions.
  • No details are revealed about the program.
  • We have no idea if dieters with health problems should follow the Fat Loss Troubleshoot.


We want dieters to understand exactly how they are spending their money and the Fat Loss Troubleshoot does not reveal enough to earn consumer trust. We suggest browsing books at the local book store before spending $40 on a virtual program like the Fat Loss Troubleshoot.

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