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The Feel Good Diet was created by M.D. Cheryle Hart and Registered Dietician Mary Kay Grossman. Hart graduated from the Mayo Clinic and directs Wellness Workshops in Spokane, Washington. She has written two books, The Insulin-Resistance Diet and The Feel Good Diet. Her work with neurotransmitter precursor therapy inspired her to start both the Feel Good Diet and her supplement company Crania Co which produces CraniYums, a lozenge supplement. Grossman is the nutritional advisor for the Women’s Wellness Workshops and holds a degree in dietetics. The Feel Good Diet aims to boost serotonin and dopamine levels by correcting the neurotransmitter deficiency that Hart claims chronic dieting, prolonged stress, lack of sleep, toxins and some medications can cause. The basis of the Feel Good Diet is that many health problems, including constant food cravings, can be avoided by ingesting more amino acids, the building blocks of neurotransmitters.


The Feel Good Diet’s CraniYums come in PM Craving Control, Diet Support, Achieva, Mood Balance, Energy Edge and Energy Boost. CraniYums come in caramel, chocolate mint, tangerine, strawberry, and tropical. They contain isomalt, velvet bean extract, natural and artificial flavors, tyrosine, glutamine, 5-HTP, vitamin B-6, acesulfame K, and sucralose. All CraniYums are free of caffeine, stimulants, ma huang, ephedra, yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, dairy, starch, nuts, sucrose, dextrose, and aspartame.

Product Features

Recommended use of CraniYums is to dissolve one to two lozenges in your mouth every 6-8 hours. CraniYums are for adults over 18 years of age, are suitable for diabetics and do not promote tooth decay. They are sold in bottles of 30 or 60 lozenges ranging with the price breakdown making each lozenge 40 to 90 cents apiece. CraniYums are also sold in kits: Restore for Men is made up of Diet Support and Energy Boost; Restore for Women is made up of Diet Support and Craving Control; and the Complete Restore-Adjust-Maintain is made up of Diet Support, Mood Balance and Energy Edge.

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  • The Feel Good Diet doesn’t require any food of lifestyle changes
  • All CraniYum products are FDA approved
  • The returns and refund policy listed on website sounds flexible


  • The fact that Hart is pushing a product makes her claims less credible
  • CraniYums are expensive: a full regimen costs over $60 a month
  • To get more information about the diet as a whole instead o just CraniYums you would need to buy the book
  • There are very few reviews available online from people who have tried the diet


The Feel Good Diet may be a good option for those who have diagnosed themselves with a neurotransmitter deficiency. It requires consistency over at least two weeks so isn’t going to work for people who have trouble sticking to a schedule.

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