The Firm Cardio Dance Club Review

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The Firm Cardio Dance Club is a fitness DVD that focuses on using dance as a valid form of cardio exercise. The DVD stars fitness instructor Jennifer Ray and may be a good choice for both beginners and intermediate level experience users who are looking for a new workout they can do in the comfort and privacy of their won home. Read this review to learn more about what the program entails so you can decide whether or not you want to use it to reach your weight loss goals.

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The Firm Cardio Dance Club features moderately difficult choreography, with a mixed aerobics impact. The dance featured on this program focuses on Latin and Caribbean types to promote a high energy and high fat burning program. The DVD has a 60 minute running time. There are three separate 20 minute floor aerobic segments. All of the segments feature a slow paced warm up that is incredibly easy to follow. After the warm up, you will be begin adding variations to your workouts, boosting the tempo to move faster, and then putting everything together in short combination moves to really get yourself working. There is a Latin segment, a Club segment, and a Caribbean segment, with the Club segment featuring the most “traditional” steps, and the quickest pace.

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  • The Firm Cardio Dance Club offers a dance workout for people who don’t like doing standard exercises.
  • This DVD is available from several merchants online and off for under $15.


  • The Firm Cardio Dance Club has no customer reviews.
  • Doing the same workout over and over can get hard.
  • If you do not have an hour free for exercise every day, then getting through the entire DVD will be hard.
  • There is no diet advice to support this DVD for weight loss.
  • Before you buy this DVD, check with your merchant on the money back guarantee policy for it, as many companies will not accept returns of opened DVDs.


The Firm Cardio Dance Club appears to be a good option for people who like dance workouts, especially people who like the Latin dance options. While dancing and cardio can greatly help your weight loss efforts, it is important to workout with this or similar DVDs while also following a reduced calorie, nutritionally balanced diet, if you want to see weight loss. While working out alone may help prevent further weight gain, it will be the combination of diet and exercise that promotes weight loss. If you find that you are losing weight but you want to lose more faster, then you may want to consider using a clinically proven appetite suppressant and/or fat burner to help you lose more than diet and exercise alone.

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