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The Firm is a popular video series originating from an innovative workout program first introduced in The Firm Studio in South Carolina and today has sold over ten million videos covering its exclusive training method. The Firm focuses on cardio exercises intermixed with weight training routines along with varying the intensity of exercises throughout the workout, a method they claim challenges the body and helps it firm more quickly than other programs. It also combines upper and lower body workouts to target all areas of the body. The Firm is a huge hit with women who want to get in shape and The Firm emphasizes its easy workouts which continually challenge the body and buff it into shape.

Choosing an appropriate home workout video may be one option if consumers are too busy to visit the local gym or for those who wish to exercise privately in their own home. The Firm requires little room and only training weights to complete which also makes this an inexpensive choice for consumers. The variety of workouts available on video is another plus and videos rarely cost above $15.00.

It’s clear The Firm is a popular workout program with a huge following, but will it help tone the body and provide a substantial workout?

Product Features

The Firm focuses on weight training and cardio in their workout programs, along with alternating between upper and lower body exercises. Their product line offers a variety of workout programs also, ranging from power yoga workouts to workouts that claim to burn over 500 calories an hour. When it comes to variety, The Firm does not fall short. According to numerous testimonials, these programs are easy to learn and require less effort compared to other programs such as Tae-Bo. Some of their claims are legitimate also — combining cardio with weight training is often recommended because of its ability to burn fat in an effective but safe manner. Other testimonials also highlight that it does not provide a substantial workout and wish for more challenging workouts. Some also voice their concern that The Firm seems to be marketed to women only and may embarrass men who wish to find a home workout without that emphasis.

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  • Requires little equipment or space.
  • Offers a variety of workouts targeted at specific areas and different methods.


  • Appears to be marketed solely towards women.
  • Some consumers state their programs are not challenging enough to complete.
  • A fat burner or an appetite suppressant is not encouraged to be used with this workout program which could help dieters shed weight more quickly.


The Firm first gained popularity for being the first program to combine weight lifting and cardio, but today consumers worry that the workouts are simply too easy and more challenging workouts may provide more results. For beginners, however, the easiness may be a plus. No fitness program will replace a healthy diet, however.

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8 User Reviews about The Firm

  • 1

    Is the flex belt similar to the abtronics belt advertised on the T.V


  • 2

    hello, i am 59years old, i have been using the firm dvd for at least 10yrs.i like it.i can’t afford the i do my excercise at home. it work for me.i wish they come out with a dvd for women 50 to 60 plus.we are old but we have to keep moving.


  • 3

    I am in pretty good shape, strong and at my target weight. I just like to exercise a few times a week, mostly for stress. I’m only on week 2 of the firm and let me tell you, its hard and fast. I make it through though. Im having a hard time with the moves they are complicated. I’ll keep trying. I feel great when Im done.


  • 4
    zuly v

    the firm workout it’s the most effective workout i’ve ever done, i love it


  • 5
    Ann Bloom

    I have been doing the Firm for 20 years and I love it. I like to know who thinks the Firm is easy, it’s not, add more weight if you need to. under disadvantages, one of Them is not telling people to use drugs that don’t work. That’s not a disadvantage. That’s smart.



    I agree with victoria the firm is not easy, but I love it just the same. If you stick to it, it will really work.


  • 6

    Can’t find the original firm workout,help


  • 7

    I have been consistently doing The Firm Cardio Sculpt workouts for 90 days and I can tell you it works great and is far from easy. The workouts are difficult but do get easier as time goes on and at that point you just increase the amount of weight that you lift. These workouts have helped me attain the type of fitness that I thought was long lost. Highly recommend.