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Are you trying to flatten that tummy area? Well, this can be a never-ending process that annoys many women and men. It often requires some changes in diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle. The weight loss system we will examine in this review is The Flat Belly Solution. Unfortunately there is no official price posted for this weight loss program. However, this system is suitable for everyone, and it does not include any supplements or diet pills.


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The Flat Belly Solution is a weight loss program, and it was created by Isabel de los Rios. She is a lifestyle coach that specializes in exercise and nutrition. The purpose of this plan is to help dieters alter their lifestyles, which leads to weight loss and weight management. For instance, eating habits are changed for the long haul. Metabolic typing is a principle that is used in this program, and dieters are placed in one of three categories, and each category has certain guidelines that must be followed.

When you get started with The Flat Belly Solution, you need to consider your weight loss goals. This will help you follow the correct steps to shedding unwanted pounds. These three steps include, eating based on your metabolic type, always staying within calorie ranges that apply to you, and consuming high-quality foods. As for the three types you can be, these consist of carbohydrate, protein, and mixed type. Understanding your type will help you eat the right foods for your body. Some beverages that are allowed with The Flat Belly Solution are two cups of coffee per day, one alcoholic drink per week, and plenty of water.

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  • This weight loss plan encourages healthy eating.
  • The Flat Belly Solution is suitable for everyone.
  • This weight loss plan may encourage long-term weight management.


  • Some people may prefer a more convenient supplement for fat loss.
  • There is no official price posted for The Flat Belly Solution.
  • Some dieters may not appreciate the complete lifestyle change involved with this program.
  • There are several other weight loss systems that are similar to this one.


Needless to say, there is an abundance of diet programs and weight loss strategies at your disposal. Therefore you will not have any difficulty finding one. However, you must consider what you are willing to do in order to lose weight. As for The Flat Belly Solution, this system requires a major lifestyle change that some dieters will not be up for. You basically have to change your eating habits completely. If you prefer a dietary supplement that burns off fat and suppresses appetite, then The Flat Belly Solution is not right for you.

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    Judith Hilscher

    I have used it for several yrs. Now we have stage 4 lung cancer in our family. Is Isabel’s club discount available for Athletic Greens? We will be using the product and recipies for many months now.