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Best selling New York Time’s Author Joy Bauer wrote Prevention’s 3-2-1 Weight Loss Plan: Eat Your Favorite Foods to Cut Cravings, Improve Energy, and Lose Weight . The program claims you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight and increase your energy levels. Following the program, you could lose as much as six pounds in the first week, and two pounds a week thereafter.

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This program is based on the “3-2-1 eating style.” This is where you eat three meals, two snacks, and an optional treat every day. You can either eat 1200, 1500, or 1800 calories per day, depending on how much weight you want to lose and other biological factors. The program is based on three phases. The first phase lasts a week, and dramatically restricts carbohydrate intake. The second phase is to last as long as it takes for you to lose the weight you want to lose. Then, when you are at your target weight, you start phase three, the maintenance phase. Another part of the 3-2-1 plan is engaging in certain behaviors three times a day, twice a day, and once a day. You should drink herbal tea three times a day, after each meal. You will do other things twice a day, before lunch and dinner, and other things once a day, before you go to sleep. Exercise is also done with the 3-21 approach: three minutes of cardio, two minutes of strength exercise, and one minute of ab workouts, repeated five times for a period of 30 minutes.

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  • This program is easy for most dieters to follow.
  • The exercise is short and has a variety to keep it motivating.
  • The program allows you to continue eating your favorite foods, so you don’t feel deprived and have a better shot at sticking to the program.


  • The first phase of the program is highly restrictive, though it only lasts a week.
  • This program requires you to count calories.
  • This program may be difficult to follow while dining out.
  • This program will require people to spend more time on meal planning and preparation.


This program is an easy to follow weight loss option based on reducing calorie intake and increasing positive lifestyle changes. If you want to lose more weight faster and really make this program work for you, then you should consider adding a proven weight loss supplement, either an appetite suppressant or a fat burner to your regimen. This program is best suited for those who like the structure of a weight loss plan and easily get bored with the same exercise routine.

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