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The Food Doctor is a program started by Ian Marber, a nutritionist. The company is based in London and all prices on the website are in pounds. The aim of the website is to teach people how to eat for improved general health. If weight loss occurs due to changes made in eating and lifestyle habits, that is a welcome side effect of living a healthier life. There are references to weight loss on the main page of the website. A personal nutrition profile is available for a monetary fee. The one-time fee covers the nutrition profile and nutrition score. Monthly access is available for an additional fee. The fee covers nutrition score, health ratings, nutrient priorities, top foods and suggestions for herbs, spices and teas.

List of Ingredients

Diet and lifestyle help from nutritionist Ian Marber.

Product Features

The Food Doctor offers quite a lot of information at no charge. It is the personalized side of the website that requires the dieter pay a fee. Before jumping into the personalize profile, we suggest the viewer look around the website and read articles on health, diet, supplements and more. This will give the reader an idea of the eating plan and lifestyle changes required to follow The Food Doctor program.

The Food Doctor also sells supplements. Categories include multivitamins, digestion, blood sugar balance and essential fats. There is not a category for weight loss, but other supplements could be combined to create an appetite suppressant or thermogenic, if the ingredients have that effect. For instance, green tea can be marketed for a variety of health concerns, but it is also a proven thermogenic. Chromium is often marketed for blood glucose control, but it also works as an appetite suppressant.

On the product list for The Food Doctor are meal replacements, cereal and healthy snacks. These could be included on the personalized nutrition plan for weight loss. Prepackaged foods tend to be more expensive than home cooked or whole foods. If the dieter is forced to purchase The Food Doctor meals, the price of the dieter rises well beyond the website fee.

There are no testimonials listed on The Food Doctor. Dieters like to read about others who have fought the weight loss battle and won. Without this support, there is nothing to offer the dieter but words and they can read those on any weight loss website on the Internet.

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  • Information on healthy living and healthy eating.


  • Monthly fee.
  • Branded prepackaged food.
  • No testimonials.


The Food Doctor reads like another weight loss and healthy living website that wants to sell the dieter branded merchandise. Without testimonials, the dieter has no reason to trust the system will work for them.

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