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What You Should Know

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The Food Lovers Fat Loss program is a typical “eat the foods you like” diet which has the dieter eat small portions of foods they enjoy and combine that diet with an exercise program.

The Food Lovers Fat Loss was created by Robert Ferguson. Feguson owns the Diet Free Life Center in Ventura, California.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Food Lovers Fat Loss is a portion-size and workout program, not an herbal supplement.

Product Features

The product website does not give any details, so it is difficult to research its features. Users say it has a slow track and a fast track option. It also offers diabetic-friendly and heart-healthy options. There is a purge starting on day six, which obviously would not actually allow you to choose much of what you eat.

The idea behind this diet is that you can eat some of the foods you like by choosing the ones you like that burn fat and help you lose weight. It does not actually let you eat whatever you want, but suggests healthier alternatives. It also limits portion sizes.

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  • There is a money-back guarantee after a 21-day trial, but this does not include shipping and handling.
  • While this is not an original approach, this diet highlights the importance of exercise and cutting calories.


  • Has no research cited anywhere on the website.
  • Has very few before/after photos.
  • Has no free gift with purchase.
  • The portions of the “foods you love” are so small that they may not really be enjoyable.
  • This is not an original idea. It focuses on cutting calories and exercising, which most people already know is a key to weight loss.
  • The website offers very little information on what this diet is actually about; all the information is related only to ordering or returning the product.
  • Advertising is misleading. It says you can eat your favorite foods all day longs, but it really gives you approved alternatives to your favorite foods and limits your portion sizes. So you don’t actually get to eat what you like, as the advertising claims, but you eat recommended substitutes instead.


Users give The Food Lovers Fat Loss very mixed reviews. It appears to be an unoriginal plan with no new ideas. It is useful only as far as the user is disciplined enough to follow it, and it does not live up to its advertising. Its main advantage seems to be giving you tips and recipes for eating the best mix of foods, something you could figure out for a lot less money.

Obviously, The Food Lovers Fat Loss is not an herbal weight loss program. If you are looking for an herbal supplement to help your regular diet and exercise, this will not change anything and is not recommended.

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  • 1
    Nancy Marracco

    I ordered the fat lovers diet in Sept. I paid with Amex . I just noticed that they are taking out $64.87 out of my account. I called and they said that is for on line support.
    I said that I have never used online support on the web or by phone. I was told by the girl and the supervisor, that when I ordered it , I received 14 days free online support and did not cancel so I am being charged $64.87 every 13 weeks. There is no refund . I searched the whole box and can find nothing about this.
    Amex has put a block on my account and refunded 2 payments. If you order this by credit card, beware……
    As far as the diet goes, you follow their recipes but only eat a small portion.


  • 2

    Renee Lamb

    I was so excited to try this program but I felt it was hard to get all the snacks in. I do not have a regular 9 to 5 desk job and I just could not even get past day 1. Now I am stuck with this product. What a disappointment!!!!



    Would you be interested in selling it?


    Nancy Marracco

    Yes, I am more than willing to sell mine. It is barely used or read. I have not even opened the CDs .


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