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The Food Stamp Diet is not an official diet, rather it is a diet plan based on buying food with a limited amount of money. When a family is on food stamps, they have to live within a specific, monthly budget. Often that budget is far less than the typical person spends on food. The Food Stamp Diet forces the dieter to eat less because they live with less food in the home. Several government employees have attempted to live one-month on the normal budget for a person on food stamps. The endeavors have been published online, typically with several blog posts written about food choices and feelings while eating on a pauper’s food budget.

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Food menu based on food stamp allowances for one person.

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Living on less than an average food income can be difficult. The Food Stamp Diet aims to bring awareness to how little families live on when food stamps are the only means of purchasing food. Some people have attempted to minimize food intake by limiting food budgets to food stamp levels, but there is a problem with this diet plan. When food budget is strictly limited, the only foods the person can afford are laden with processed ingredients and packed with empty calories.

Healthy foods tend to cost more than unhealthy foods. This is a problem in western society that has plagued the food stamp system for quite some time. The Food Stamp Diet strictly limits the amount of money the dieter has for healthy foods like produce, whole grains and lean protein. Fatty protein, refined carbohydrates and processed vegetables are much more affordable and thus can be purchased in higher quantities.

Limiting food intake can be achieved by limiting food budget, but the dieter may feel they are being starved during the process. If the dieter feels hungry all the time, chances are they will fall off the diet plan and regain any weight they have lost.

Exercise is not addressed as part of the Food Stamp Diet. Dieters may have less energy due to severely limited food intake and thus not feel like exercising at all. Exercise helps regulate blood glucose levels, improve sleep and keep the dieter from overeating. Without exercise, a weight loss plan is doomed to fail.

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  • Limited food budgets mean less food in the home.
  • Dieters may not overeat as often.


  • Dieters may feel starved all the time.
  • Limited energy may reduce the chance of daily exercise.
  • No formal diet or exercise program.


The Food Stamp Diet is a fad diet based on a few government officials that tried to make a point to government about the need for an improved food stamp system. There are no formal guidelines for the diet.

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