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A few years ago, someone got the bright idea that the French knew the secret to staying thin. French food is laden with butter, olive oil, wine and wonderful treats, but the French people tend to stay thin for life. The answer to getting thin and staying thin must be found in the typical French diet. The French Don’t Diet Plan is based on this theory. The book reveals 10 tips to getting slim and staying that way by living life like the French. The book is authored by Dr. William Clower and sells on for $12. Clower does a little rewriting with the French Don’t Diet Book. He recognizes the fact that the French are moving toward obesity at an alarming rate, but also recognizes some healthy eating habits common in the country. The book replaces unhealthy western food choices with healthy French foods.

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Diet plan based on a healthy French diet.

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In any culture, if a diet is laden with fat and lack of exercise, the result is obesity. The French have been the topic of fad diets for numerous years, but researchers have noted they will too be fighting an obesity epidemic by 2020 if the culture does not adopt healthier eating habits.

Dr. William Clower attempts to use the classic French dieting book, French Women Don’t Get Fat, to teach dieters how to eat right, the French way, and lose weight in the process. The three main topics in the book are leaving behind bad food choices, eating smaller portion sizes and moving more. These topics are identical to the common prescription for weight loss, eat less and exercise.

Much of the French Don’t Diet Plan is based on the fact that dieters don’t have to diet. Instead, making life changes for the better with whole foods is the key to success. Weight loss may not be instant, but the dieter will see changes in weight over time as they make better food choices. There is a heavy push for portion control. Western diets tend to have larger portions than many other cultures. With larger portions comes larger caloric intake and weight gain. Sometimes, the obvious choice for weight loss is to simply eat less.

Eating less can be a problem for some dieters, so we suggest looking for a proven appetite suppressant. When appetite is suppressed, the dieter does not feel as though they are starving every minute of the day. Eating whole foods rich in fiber and healthy fats also promotes satiety.

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  • Healthy foods choices for weight loss.
  • Promotes exercise.
  • Promotes portion control.


  • Does not address the need for supplements.


For dieters looking to lose weight naturally and slowly, the French Don’t Diet Plan may be the ideal choice. The lack of supplement support is common, but it does not mean the dieter cannot choose a proven weight loss supplement to pair with healthy lifestyle changes.

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