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The Full Diet: A Weight-Loss Doctor’s 7-Day Guide to Shedding Pounds for Good is a book written by Dr. Michael Snyder, M.D. He wrote this book based on the fact that every day millions of Americans are trying to lose weight, through cutting calories, getting more active, etc. and not seeing much of a result. He instead investigates the “diet mentality” and teaches you how you can reject it so you can too, can reach your weight loss goals once and for all. Read this review to learn more about the book and how it works so you can decide whether or not you will use it to reach your health and wellness goals.

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The Full Diet is based on teaching yourself how to ignore the deprivation mentality we get when we start to diet. The idea of taking things away and having to get up and move is discouraging, and ends up making us not want to exercise, and makes us crave the foods we are not supposed to have. This mindset is what kills all of our dieting efforts, eventually, and this is why so many of us are stuck in the endless cycle of dieting, losing, stopping, gaining, dieting, losing. In this book, he teaches you how to listen to your body for feelings of fullness, to pay attention to those cues, and stop. He teaches you the art of portion size, so you’re eating more of the good stuff, and less of the “bad stuff” and better able to keep track of calories in vs. calories out. This teaches how to be more satisfied with less food, so you can lose weight without feeling deprived. It also gives you “cheat” prescriptions so you can indulge from time to time and move on, rather than letting it be a setback that derails all of your efforts.

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  • The Full Diet teaches you how to address food and weight loss from a mental perspective.
  • This book is available online for under $15.


  • The Full Diet doesn’t really have meal plans or recipes.
  • There is no exercise plan.
  • The reviews seem somewhat fake.
  • Simply reading a book will not produce weight loss results.


The Full Diet is a good approach to weight loss, but does not really offer any new information compared to what we already know. It was just released in May 2012, so there needs to be more time for customers to read and review the information to get a clearer picture of what it really provides. If you follow the advice presented in the book, you should have no problem losing weight. We advise you to look for a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat burner to help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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