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Jon Gabriel was scheduled to board Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco on September 11, 2001. He did not make the flight, which was later hijacked on that fateful day. Weighing in at more than 400 pounds, Gabriel decided he was given a second chance to change his life once and for all. He tackled life’s difficulties head on and changed his mentality to improve his health and lose weight. After four years, he had dropped more than 220 pounds and managed to keep tight skin along the way. Today he lives a healthy, meaningful life and tries to help other dieters achieve lasting weight loss with the Gabriel Method. According to one review of the diet, Gabriel teaches the dieter how to correct the mental problems associated with yo-yo dieting instead of tackling food head on.

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Diet and weight loss plan based on the personal experience of Jon Gabriel.

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What is the one thing that drives a dieter to fall off a healthy track record and regain lost weight? The mind. According to the Gabriel Method, dieters fight stress and emotions daily. Combine these negative feelings with physical ailments, hormone imbalance, sleep deprivation, dehydration and poor digestion and there is no way the dieter will ever lose weight. The Gabriel Method combines mental changes with lifestyle changes so the dieter can make healthy choices and never look back. To the amazement of many medical professionals, according to the book description, the Gabriel Method left on Gabriel with no extra skin and no lasting effects from living in obesity.

The first chapter of the Gabriel Method book describes the diet in detail. The dieter can sign-up for a newsletter on the official diet website and receive the first chapter via email, free. Once reading that chapter, Gabriel is convinced the dieter will understand how to make life changes and order the book.

There is no information on menus or meal plans on the official website. There are recommendations from various doctors and professionals. An Evening Visualization CD is included with every book order. The dieter is supposed to listen to the CD nightly.

Mental weight loss methods results depend on the mentality of the reader or listener. If the dieter does not believe in the words spoken by the author, the diet will not work. Faith in Jon Gabriel plays an important part in the success of the Gabriel Method.

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  • The book is sold online.
  • The author lost more than 220 pounds.


  • The program weighs heavily on mental response to the book and CD.
  • Not every dieter will lose as much weight as the author.


The Gabriel Method could be a good program for dieters needing a mental connection with weight loss. The plan is not discussed in detail, but exercise and healthy eating are promoted. Supplement use is not discussed on the official website.

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