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Dr. Floyd H. Chilton PhD wrote the book:The Gene Smart Diet: The Revolutionary Eating Plan That Will Rewrite Your Genetic Destiny-And Melt Away the Pounds. As the former director and founder of the Wake Forest Molecular Medicine Program, he wrote the book to educate others about how your genes play a role in your weight and risk of disease. The book says you determine which genes show and how greatly by what you eat.

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The Gene Smart Diet is based on four basic principles of eating your way to better health: reduce your calorie intake, increase your polyphenols, eat more omega-3 fatty acids, and eat more fiber. If you are overweight, cut your calorie consumption down by at least 20 percent. Polyohenols are found in dark skinned fruits and green tea. You can also find it in dark chocolate, but you can only eat this when you are in the maintenance phase. You should increase your omega-3 fatty acids by either eating fish multiple times a week, or taking a fish oil supplement every day. You should get at least 30 grams of fiber in your diet every day to keep your system regular and help suppress your appetite. The program is three phases long: Adaptive Response, Preconditioning, and Optimal Maintenance. The first phase is one to three weeks long, or until target weight is reached. You must do a one day soup fast, and then maintain 1600 calories per day. The second phase, of 1800 calories per day, gets your body ready for the diet you are going to follow for the rest of your life. The final phase ensures you are eating the ideal number of calories for what you are burning, so you don’t continue to lose weight. You can have dark chocolate and red wine at this point. Exercise is promoted to help reduce inflammation in the body, rather than to help you lose weight.

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  • Promotes healthy eating.
  • Promotes exercise.
  • There are multiple meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.


  • Dieters will have to spend more time planning and preparing meals.
  • This program does not consider how individual caloric requirements vary.
  • This program promotes the use of supplements, available for purchase from the author’s website.


The plan presented in the Gene Smart book is an ideal plan to ensure you are eating the right healthy foods, and getting enough of the right nutrition to help prevent disease. The main focus is health, not weight loss, so you may not experience quick weight loss. If you want to accelerate results, take a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.

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