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Have you ever wondered if you were genetically predisposed to gain weight? Trying diet after diet, reading self-help book after self-help book and you still gain weight. According to the Genotype Diet by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, dieters can Change Your Genetic Destiny and turn off the genes that cause weight gain while turning on the genes that cause weight loss. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Tommy Hilfiger have quotes of support for the work done but the book’s author, but does that mean the answer to the obesity problem is in the pages of the Genotype Diet?

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Diet to turn on healthy, weight loss genes.

Product Features

There are six genotypes listed in the Genotype Diet – hunter, gatherer, teacher, explorer, warrior and nomad. Each of the genotypes is described in detail with focus on the natural progression of age and benefits a healthy diet can provide. Each of the genotypes is addressed with different eating habits and diet changes to promote weight loss and overall health in the Genotype Diet. Some of the descriptions, such as those for the hunter and warrior refer to the dieter being long (tall) and lean. Others, like the gatherer, speak of a full-figured person even when they are of normal weight.

The diet specifics are based on more than a body description. Family history and blood type are taken into consideration. Blood typing leads to another book by D’Adamo, Eat Right for Your Type. That book reveals how blood type can determine the proper diet for weight loss.

The integration of a second book into the Genotype Diet is a great marketing tactic. The dieter will read the Genotype Diet, but have questions about blood typing for weight loss and buy the second book by D’Adamo.

Information on the Genotype Diet and Eat Right for Your Type is lax on the official websites. The dieter must purchase one or both books to completely understand what changes the author suggests for a lifetime of healthy living at a normal weight.

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  • Genetics may play an important role in weight gain and weight loss.
  • Dieters who have tried every other plan may find success with this diet.


  • No real information on the diet or suggested foods / activities is revealed on the website.


Experts are finally recognizing the fact that dieting may not be the end all answer to the obesity epidemic. Some dieters are genetically predisposed to weight gain, but that has not always been the case. The Genotype Diet attempts to trace family roots and blood type to suggest a diet based on past lives to cure current health issues. This may be a bit of a stretch for some dieters, but the book gets rave reviews.

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