The Glidemaster XL Ab Roller Slider Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

The Glidemaster XL Ab Roller Slider

What You Should Know

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The Glidemaster XL Ab Roller Slider is a device designed to reduce abs using a similar principle as an ab wheel. It is available through advertorials on TV, from hundreds of online retailers, and in stores that carry “as seen on TV” products. The device consists of a wheel encased in a housing with handles. Users kneel on all fours and grip the handles. The exercise cosist of pushing the wheel forward to extend the body, then pulling the device back towards the body to the original kneeling position, using the core abdominal muscles to balance and provide impetus for the push/pull motion.

Product Features

The Glidemaster XL Ab Roller Slider retails for $10 – $15.00 plus shipping at most online retailers. It weighs about 4 pounds and requires very minimal assembly – the handles must be attached to the sides. It’s simple operation depends on the spring and wheel assembly inside to provide tension. The company claims that the device can also exercise the upper body, specifically the chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

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  • The Glidemaster XL Ab Roller Slider is cheap and easy to find. It is significantly less expensive than most exercise devices on the market.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It’s small and lightweight, so it’s easy to store.
  • It needs no batteries or electricity.


  • It’s cheap, and you get what you pay for. Don’t expect it to last. There are a number of consumer reviews online that focus on the poor quality of the product.
  • There are no scientific 3rd party studies to verify that the Glidemaster XL Ab Roller Slider works as promised – or at all.
  • People who do not already have toned abdominal muscles will find this difficult to use.
  • This requires hard, manual exercise. The wheel may be easy to roll, but moving your body in this manner is not.


This product is a waste of money for the average dieter. Cheap construction and snap-on handles ensure that it will not last unless it remains unused, and we suspect that will be the case. Putting pressure on the knees is uncomfortable for most people and painful for many, and the motion of stretching out and pulling back requires muscles that people who are out of shape don’t have.

If you want great abs, we recommend a more sensible approach. Use a fat burner to help speed up your metabolism and an appetite suppressant to help avoid cravings and bad behavior. Eat a sensible, healthy diet. Exercise every day, but don’t buy silly equipment that will end up gathering dust. When the weight comes off, every muscle in your body will be defined, including a killer six-pack.

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