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The Gluten and Casein Free Diet is also referred to as the Autism Diet. The official website is free to everyone, but the information is dedicated to parents with children living with autism. Food lists and an active discussion area are the most popular tools on the website. The Gluten and Casein Free diet is typically used as a natural intervention for the treatment of autism. Success stories on the official website support its use for this purpose. As for weight loss, people with gluten and casein sensitivity may find they lose weight and cure symptoms by following the strict guidelines and food lists on the website. There is no information or reference to weight loss in the diet description.

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Support for a gluten and casein free diet.

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Children with autism often present with emotional and physical challenges. There is no cure for the disease, so parents seek out natural treatments, sometimes with little resolve. The success stories on the Gluten and Casein free website are dramatic. Some parents report seeing physical and mental changes in a child in as little as 24 hours. Over time, the diet seems to leave autistic children calmer and more able to interact with strangers and parents. Mental alertness and attention improves and basic human functions like using the bathroom are a reality not a wish.

There is no information on weight loss, associated with the Gluten and Casein Free diet, though some parents report children were obsessed with food before the diet started. Adults with gluten allergies often suffer unexplained weight gain and gastrointestinal problems. When gluten is removed from the diet, these symptoms disappear.

Gluten is present in many foods, especially flour. Removing flour and other white foods from the diet is similar to a low carbohydrate eating plan. Low carbohydrate diets are known to cause weight loss, but the Gluten and Casein Free Diet is not specifically low carbohydrate, because potatoes are allowed on the plan.

Information is free to read, but the reader must join the website to participate in some tools and discussions.

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  • Gluten free eating may reduce symptoms of gluten allergy.
  • Information is free for everyone.


  • Not a weight loss diet.
  • Most of the information on the official website centers on autism.


Having a food allergy is far different from suffering from autism. The Gluten and Casein Free Diet is designed around the patient suffering from autism, most often childhood autism. Eating a Gluten and Casein Free Diet may help reverse some of the more severe symptoms of the disease, but it will not cause weight loss for the average dieter.

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