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The Good Mood Diet is something nearly every dieter needs, if it will cause weight loss and improved mood with a few simple lifestyle changes. The book is written by Dr. Susan Kleiner, a registered dietician among many other skills. The tag line for the diet plan is, “One day to feeling brighter than yesterday, one week to erasing depression and one month to losing weight for good.” The book is based in research completed by Dr. Kleiner over the past 25 years.

List of Ingredients

Diet to improve mood and promote weight loss.

Product Features

The Good Mood Diet starts with a two-week induction-style period. The specifics of the first two weeks are not revealed on the official website. Good foods like fish and flax seed are promoted with refined sugars are lumped in the category of Feel Bad foods. This could mean the diet eliminates certain carbohydrates and processed foods like so many other diets.

After the first two weeks, the dieter is allowed to have a glass of red wine and chocolate once a day. This is an indication that the plan is not traditionally low carbohydrate, but it is high protein. The authors suggest eating 10 servings of protein per day. One serving is about three ounces so 10 servings would be 30 ounces of protein. This is a bit high for the average dieter. Good sources of protein include salmon, which is high in omega 3 fatty acids and other forms of fish.

Foods are combined to boost mood naturally. When mood improves, the dieter may be more apt to stick with the diet plan for weight loss. According to the FAQs section, weight loss is not the first priority of the Good Mood Diet. Instead, the dieter eats to improve health and mood and the weight loss comes later.

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  • The Good Mood Diet promotes healthy eating for weight loss.
  • Improved mood may help the dieter stick with the healthy eating plan.
  • The eating plan is high protein, which could help eliminate hunger.
  • Detailed FAQs section.


  • Weight loss is a secondary benefit of the diet.
  • No details about the eating plan are included on the official website.


The Good Mood Diet aims to improve mood and health with weight loss as a secondary benefit. There are no details about how much weight the dieter will lose nor are there any testimonials with before and after photos on the official website. The author claims the foods will improve mood in a few days and weight loss will occur in one month. The dieter must eat lots of lean protein on the plan, maybe more than the body needs. Excess protein is converted to carbohydrates by the body.

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