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Frank Gotti Agnello, a teenage boy starring on the hit television show “Growing Up Gotti” wrote a diet book based on the routine he used to make the transformation from obese to fit. The book was written with help from his mother, his doctor, and his lacrosse coach.

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If you are not one for strict plans, then this may be a viable option for you, because there are no strict guidelines to worry about. Instead of completely eliminating certain foods, the diet plan cautions to reduce the amount and frequency of eating sugary and refined foods. Before the family started the reality show, Gotti was told he was at risk for serious disease if he didn’t lose weight. When he found out the show was going to be produced, he wanted to change his life so he wasn’t seen as the “fat” one. In the process, he developed a seven step plan, to help him set and achieve his weight loss goals. The seven steps are as follows:

  1. Step One: Recognize your weight problem and want to start looking and feeling better.
  2. Step Two: Get help from your friends and family. Build a support group.
  3. Step Three: Realize your self worth is not your body image. Don’t give yourself a hard time.
  4. Step Four: Write everything in a food journal.
  5. Step Five: Educate yourself and start making healthier food choices.
  6. Step Six: Start exercising.
  7. Step Seven: Do strength training and cardio workouts.

Exercise is an important component of this program and is recommended highly. In the book, there are examples of things you can do.

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  • This program is easy to follow.
  • There are healthy recipe options presented in the book.
  • This book does not present unrealistic expectations of weight loss.


  • This book will likely only appeal to teenagers.
  • There may be some nutritionally deficiency due to the limitation of foods.
  • You will need to spend more time on meal planning and preparation.


This is suited more toward teenagers, who should be cautious when choosing a diet program because of their nutritional requirements for optimal growth. This program does a decent job because it focuses more on healthy eating choices than losing weight. As an adult looking to lose weight, this is not an ideal choice necessarily. It is important no matter your age or weight loss goals to follow a nutritionally balanced diet with regular exercise and increased water intake. Though teenagers should not take weight loss supplements, adults who want to boost their efforts can add a proven weight loss supplement either as a fat burner or appetite suppressant for even better results.

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