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The Gracie Diet is a book written by Rorion Gracie. The Gracie Family is well known for their influence and achievements in martial arts. The diet is based on eating certain natural foods in particular combinations to allow for the most effective and efficient digestion possible. The author cautions that this is not a quick way to lose weight, but a way to get strong and healthy to promote weight loss as a side effect. The diet works to prevent unhealthy digestion processes.

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This program is not a diet in the traditional sense of the word, because you can eat anything. This program is about educating yourself and re-programming your body to new, healthier, eating habits. When you change your eating habits, the healthy diet will automatically become a part of your lifestyle. Before you can change your diet, you need to create what Gracie calls a “base point” so you can understand more about your own eating patterns. To do this, you answer some questions and use your answers to determine how you should eat, what you should eat, and when to eat so you can change your lifestyle for the better. It is easier to make small changes gradually so you can stick to them for the long term than it is to completely change everything at once. There are three different phases of the program, which you stay on for a week at a time until you are ready to move to the next one. The first phase is where you only eat three meals a day, at least four and a half hours apart. You have to stop snacking and only drink water between meals. The second phase is getting rid of sodas and choosing the right time to eat dessert. The final phase involves not mixing certain types foods, such as starches. One starch only, regardless of type, can present in multiple forms in the same meal.

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  • This program helps you to become more aware of the food choices you make.
  • This program promotes a lifestyle approach rather than a quick fix diet.
  • This program includes a two week long meal plan with recipes.


  • As you cannot snack between meals, this may cause some people to feel hungry.
  • There is no science to back up this program.
  • You will need to take time to learn the different meal combinations and what is not permissible of the program.


While it make sense, there is no support for certain food combinations and digestion in the medical world. If you use this diet, we recommend you follow it closely and pay attention to your body’s cues. If you feel hungry too often, you may need to switch to something else. Take a proven weight loss supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise program to get the best results.

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